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Our End Of Term Report Cards (Part Two)

Oh Hi there, glad you could join us for part two of our end of season report cards. This one might differ slightly from the previous one, in that there's alot of new signings included, as well as youth players.

So just to give everyone a little heads up here, some of the more youthful lot's grades are also based on potential. Or so we think anyway. We're hardly some sort of definitive be all and end all when it comes to this sort of thing, and we very much welcome your opinions on the whole thing.

You can find the first part of our gradings right HERE.

Do enjoy, and we welcome your feedback, but hopefully all that will be along the lines of 'yeah, I agree'... enjoy!

15. Nedum Onuoha
Nedum had a great start to his SAFC career, and never really looked back. The occasional slump came, but it was never awful. Solid and reliable, and always unspectacular (in a good way). I’d love to see him return next season, as he proved to be a decent enough right-back, and a great centre-back. City apparently want £8m. I wouldn’t pay that much, but I reckon we’ll get him back if we genuinely want him. Top of my list to return. Grade B (Half Term B)

16. Cristian Riveros
I was surprised to see that Riveros ended up this season with around 14/15 appearances this season, seems like he played less doesn’t it? Not much of a moaner, although perhaps he’s not mastered English yet. Well and truly usurped by Jack Colback in the pecking order for a place in midfield, his future is an odd one. If an offer comes, I’d probably get rid, but unlike Angeleri, I wouldn’t hawk him around. There’s something there to work with, next season will be make or break. Pretty disappointing in the last few games of the season mind you. Grade D (Half Term C)

17. Danny Welbeck
Some great performances this season. A bit like Nedum Onuoha in that there was hardly a duff one amongst them. Perhaps early on whilst he found his feet, but he eventually became a pivotal player. Looked like being the third wheel amongst himself, Bent & Gyan, but outperformed Bent in partnership with BabyJet. Great season, no doubt doubled his transfer value and won an England Cap. Well done Danny. Grade A (Half Term A)

18. David Meyler
Effectively a write off in the second half of the season barring one or two unused sub appearances. Terrible shame he was injured, but all signs point to him being back to full force next season, but his place in the first team is by no means assured. Judging by his Twitter antics seems to love the club too, which is always a bonus. So his grade is basically the same as it was at the half way point, since little impact was made in the second half. Grade C (Half Term C)

19. Titus Bramble
Signing of the season? Most definitely from my eyes at £1m. I was so sceptical when he arrived, but it just proves why I’m not making these decisions. Didn’t play as much as we’d have wanted him too in the second half of the season, but when he did have a run, as captain too, we looked more solid. Very, very good season from Titus. Grade A (Half Term A)

20. Andy Reid
Reid must have made maybe what ... 1, maybe 2 appearances this season? A move to Blackpool offered little for him either, and has been released. As he no doubt would have here too. Not missed, even in the injury crisis. Grade D (Half Term D)

22. Simon Mignolet
Prone to a lapse of concentration now and then, but Simon does look mightily impressive when he wants to be. With Gordon’s injury worries, I’d have Mignolet currently as the established number 1. Why not? He hasn’t done a great deal wrong, is still learning, and all that will only happen with games. Once he’s eradicated the errors, he’ll be a superb player. Reminds me a little of Shay Given at the same age, in that he’s a good shot stopper, needs to dominate the box more though. Grade A (Half Term B)

24. Trevor Carson
Loaned out here there and everywhere once again, it’s surely got to be the end of the line for Carson at Sunderland, especially when we have decent young keepers in Ben Wilson & Jordan Pickford coming through, with Kieren Westwood allegedly on the way up here too. Not loaned out to any particular level suggests all we need to know. Grade D (Half Term D)

25. Jack Colback
Jack is my most favourite ginger person in the world, no doubts about it. Truly the find of the season, his maturity and ability on the ball is a massive bright spark for us. Jack plays with a maturity beyond his years, and the position alongside Lee Cattermole in our midfield is now his to lose. Meyler et al will have to work very hard to oust him. Great talent, hugely impressed by his development too when he could have been easy fodder to sell earlier in the season. Grade A (Half Term C)

26. Martyn Waghorn
Remember him? He played two games this season before being shipped off to Leicester. You also may remember him as being amazing and much better than Danny Welbeck. Again, proof positive that Bruce does in the main know what he’s doing. Two incredibly brief sub apps isn’t really enough to make a solid judgement on, but we’re better off now. Grade N/A (Half Term N/A)

26. Jordan Cook
On of many Jordan’s we expect to be coming through the academy in the next few years, Cook looks alright. He made a brief cameo against Man Utd away, and looked decent, and was whisked away to Walsall to continue his education. Cook also came on in the last day win at West Ham United. In that game I felt he looked different, a bit of a Henderson-esque bulking up. I think he could be a useful player next season. Seems unafraid to run at defenders, and certainly the left hand side needs sorting out. Grade C (Half Term C)

27. Ahmed Elmohamady
Elmo really splits opinion amongst SAFC fans from what I seem to read. He’s either amazing or terrible, there’s no in between. I find him exactly in between. Sometimes his crossing  is fantastic, and he reminded us all of that down at Upton Park, other times he can’t get it past the first man. Either way, we’ve signed him now for the princely sum of £2.5m, which could well be a bargain. Still young, and worth remembering that before we slag him. I’m encouraged by Elmo’s finish to the season. Grade B (Half Term C)

28. Stephane Sessegnon
Steve Bruce think Sess will be ‘the man’ next season. I can’t disagree. Although we didn’t see it at first while he found his feet, and while we didn’t really seem to know how to use him, it appears he is comfortable now, and we know how to play him. His first touch is exquisite, and is surprisingly string for a man so short in stature. I think he’s proved to be a good signing, and will be a great one next year. Also an unusual player in that he’s unafraid to shoot from outside the box. Very rare for a Sunderland player, although I do encourage that sort of behaviour. Grade A (Half Term N/A)

29. Anton Ferdnand
Anton represents a huge dilemma to me. He performed really well for large parts of the second half of the season. So much so that Anton has actually kept the most clean sheets of any SAFC defender. So, do we keep him around? I don’t know. He’s played very well as I said, but there’s always the danger he’ll lapse back into being Anton Ferdinand at any moment. Tough, tough call to make. Overall though, I’ll try and keep on how he did this season, and he did very well indeed when we needed him. Grade B (Half Term C)

31. Ryan Noble
It feels like Noble’s been here for a while now, even though he’s yet to make a significant breakthrough. Always prolific at a lower level, will he make the step up? I hope so, but can’t see it without a good loan elsewhere. A mid table Championship team who will play him every week ala Colback had would do just fine. As for him on the pitch for SAFC this season, appearances were fleeting, but in the main positive. Doesn’t look a ‘worker’ but if he scores goals, I don’t care to be honest. As for his performances this season, rare as they were, he did ok, without producing anything amazing. Grade D (Half Term N/A)

33. Asamoah Gyan
Overlooked in the ‘Player Of The Year’ stakes by Bardo, but when you think, we’d have been lost without his goals this season. Even down at West Ham, half fit, you could see what an impact he can make and cause defenders problems. A massively promising first season at SAFC, I hope he’s got the fever and stays around for a long time. Grade A (Half Term B)

38. Craig Lynch
We’re told Lynch is an excellent striker-come-winger type, and who knows, maybe he will be one day. Very gangly though if he is to make it as a midfielder. Doesn’t seem to have the footballers stature of a Henderson or maybe even a Cook. Could do with going out on loan to see if he really can cut the mustard. At this point, I remain unconvinced by his fleeting sub appearances, as he doesn’t seem to put himself about much, nor looking to make an impression in the way Noble and say Cook were at least appearing to... although that could be down to just nerves. Grade D (Half Term N/A)

40. Louis Laing
Alright, so it’s only 2 minutes (at best) against Wolves at home, but he’s played, and therefore must be judged. He’s got the height, if not the thickness, and seems another where he will have a big future on Wearside, but not yet. In a few years. Go on loan Louis, prove yourself and come back. His performances for the reserves have been outstanding. Here’s hoping the progression continues to the first team. Grade C (Half Term N/A)

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