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The Roker Report Podcast - Episode 8: Bardogeddon

Watch your back Phil!
Watch your back Phil!

Alright you, welcome back for episode eight of the Roker Report Podcast! Jesus Christ Almighty we’ve survived for 2 months now! How time flies.

On the show this week to join our marvellous host (thats me, Simon Walsh) was David Boyle, and Michael Graham.

Everyone was in fairly jovial spirits this week as we discuss a magnificent performance at West Ham, attempt to talk about Jay Bothroyd but actually end up talking about every other striker in the world, and the imminent departures of Bolo Zenden and John Mensah.

All was going well, until a certain pseudo-Scottish fullback’s name cropped up one too many times... We may have survived ‘The Rapture’ at the weekend, but I don’t hold much hope for everyone who experiences the rain and thunder brought by Michael when he unleashes... BARDOGEDDON!!!

Enjoy the show everyone! Next week we’re taking every single question you can throw at us, so ask away on Twitter: @RokerReport or Facebook: or even via email:

We really want to do this, but can’t make a show without you. Do try to keep it Sunderland related however, or at least football, but we will take every single question!

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Love you, bye!

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