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End Of Season Views From... Simon Crabtree

Charlie Adam: Just what we need?
Charlie Adam: Just what we need?

Today, we've a guy to provide views who really needs no introduction, however, he'll get one, as everyone else has one. Ladies and Gents, put your hands together for... Simon Crabtree!

Simon will be a familiar face and indeed voice to many a Sunderland fan, having covered games home and away for the lads for years alongside Gary Rowell on Metro Radio, and later on Century Radio, providing the type of commentary we love as fans, something passionate. Need we remind ourselves of "Can you hear me Tony Blair?"

Crabbers has since stood down from that role and joined the big leagues, working for the Premier League covering the North West in the main, giving Premier League viewers around the world some top notch shows and interviews.

We feel privilidged to get Crabbers on here to give his thoughts on Sunderland's season, and hopes for the future...

Player Of The Season?

Simon: Phil Bardsley. Consistant and committed.

Young Player Of The Season?

Simon: Jordan Henderson. Genuinely exciting talent.

Best Signing Of The Season?

Simon: We didn't make many did we! For the spell leading up to Christmas it would have been Danny Welbeck. But Mignolet gets it for performances across the season. A pleasant surprise this season!

Worst Player Of The Season?

Simon: In all my time at Metro Radio I never personally slagged any of our players. If you want someone to do that - you need to ask a Mag.

Most Disappointing Signing Of The Season?

Simon: I think it's safe to say we all thought we might have seen more of Marcos Angeleri!

Goal Of The Season?

Simon: Torn between a couple of the goals at Chelsea or Gyan's goal at Wigan. I'm going for Gyan's though more for the actual pass from Jordan I think. I was right behind it too. It was amazing accuracy. So. Err. That one. Final answer? Can I phone a friend? I can't give a goal of the season for a pass can I? Right. Onuoha at Chelsea. Yes. That one. Onuoha. At Chelsea. Final answer. It was a great game that wasn't it? Amazing.

Game Of The Season?

Simon: It has to be Chelsea away doesn't it? I wish, wish, wish all our performances this season had been like that. Immense.

Out of ten, what would you rate Steve Bruce’s performance as manager this season?

Simon: 6/10. There have been times when we've been wonderful. But too many when we've been woeful. I can't keep making excuses for him. It's do or die next season.

Which one moment summed up SAFC’s entire season?

Simon: We should have seen the signs in the opening game of the season against Birmingham. Heaps of optimism, everything in our own hands and then give the self-destruct a massive big whack.

Of the loanees this season, which if any would you like to see stay permanently?

Simon: I'd like to see Welbeck and Onuoha both stay. I was excited to see them both arrive (even though I was hammered for backing Welbeck at the start). They're both young and I think we could see even more from them... please stay!

Which player should be first out the door in the summer?

Simon: We already know there'll be no return for Zenden. I'll miss his dad dancing. But if any of the players don't want to commit themselves to Sunderland - then why should we stand in their way?

Give us one player you think SAFC simply must buy this summer (within reason)...

Simon: I think Charlie Adam would do really well at Sunderland. A genuine goalscoring midfielder? It's been a while since we had one of those isn't it?! Imagine him playing alongside Cattermole? I think we're more likely to see his Blackpool team-mate David Vaughan though.

What was your personal highlight of the season, something we might not know about?

Simon: Blackpool away with one of my good mates who I don't see anywhere near as much as I should, watching Sunderland win and then getting leathered. Great day.

And finally, any other thoughts or comments on how you feel the season went?

Simon: I honestly thought this was going to be the season we were going to qualify for Europe. Bent went - and seemingly with it so did our chances. We can't let something like that happen again.

It was an absolute pleasure to speak with Simon, and you can speak with him too if you want by following him on Twitter - @CrabbersTweet - So hop to it right about now!

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