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The End Of Season Breakdown Starts Monday!

Howdy there avid readers of Roker Report, welcome to the end of season breakdown extravaganza.

What do we mean by that? Well it would be far too easy, and indeed lazy to simply put up a poll asking for 'Player Of The Year' and all that sort of gubbins, plus every site and it's mother do that sort of thing, so where's the fun?

We've opted for a different route. Amongst us here at The Roker Report, we created a questionnaire of sorts to be filled in by everyone here at The Roker Report giving their thoughts on various situations at Sunderland. We are not done there though...

We also contacted several members of the media, to get their thoughts and opinions, based on exactly the same questions... I present to you, starting monday, The End Of Season Review featuring...

  • Richard Mason - Sports reporter for Northern Echo, Durham Times and much more
  • Mal Robinson - Editor-In-Chief of SAFC's newest fanzine, Seventy3
  • Simon Crabtree - Former voice of SAFC on the radio, now working for the Premier League
  • Iain Macintosh - NE based Journalist & Podcaster, with works in The New Paper and
  • George Caulkin - Journalist for The Times and occasionally on The Game Podcast

Running concurrently with these will be our own views. That's David Boyle, Simon Walsh, Michael Graham, Dan Williams & Chris Weatherspoon as we wrap up an entire season in one (working) week.

5 Days... 10 Opinionated People... 14 Questions Each... Lets get this going!

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