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*Sigh* Thanks Steve, One Week - Roker Rhyme Returns

One week, that's all I got.

One week of fun, one week of joy, one week off from writing poems about how dreadful our team are, one week's let off from hearing 'Bruce Out' taking over Twitterland.

So here we go again... A return to the doom and gloom that almost all of 2011 has provided us thus far...

So what happens now? And what do we do,
When our beloved team, makes us feel so blue?
And how bad were Wigan, to let us score four?
got three, but could have had more.

'Bruce Out' come the cries, from all around the ground,
A crescendo of boos, were the only other sound.
As our players trudged from the pitch, eyes looking at their feet,
After inflicting upon us, another defeat.

Fulham aren't that good, maybe we're that bad,
And in fairness to Brucey, worst injuries we've ever had.
But to look so damn clueless, for yet another week,
Makes most of us so angry, we can barely even speak.

Is it time for a shake up? For Bruce to be out?
After providing him, with such financial clout?
I won't answer here, I'm sure that you all know,
Whether you would like Steve, to stay or to go.

We're crawling to safety, but as we all know,
That's more down to the quality, of the teams down below.
Only Fulham's second away win, in almost two years,
You can count on us, to solve away-day tears.

So what now? Where does this end?
The quality we are showing, is driving me round the bend.
And we need to rebuild, to be up to the task,
But will this bad run, put players off I ask?

Don't be surprised, if we no longer attract,
Some 'Harrods shopping', they won't come, that's fact.
And those calling for Martin, the manager O'Neill,
Remember his policy, is getting Heskey at a steal.

Honestly, I don't know, what it is we should do,
As we can't keep on playing, like this, we are poo.
So onwards to Bolton, but I won't expect a win,
In fact I'll be delighted, if we let no goals in.

Sorry for the pessimism, I'm trying to be fun,
Perhaps next season, we'll go on a good run.
When the team can all walk, injuries in the past,
Let's just get this season out of the way, and all get well soon fast.

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