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Roker Rhyme: It's Time To Say Goodbye

Friends, it's been my pleasure to knock up these little ditties for you for the last few months, but all good things must, unfortunately, come to an end (as do the mediocre - like this).

To be honest, since I started doing these rhymes, we've had very little to cheer or smile about, so who knows, maybe we'll actually get a result at Upton Park with no rhyme to follow?

And until next season (unless something in the Summer begs me to do so), I bid you farewell, and leave you with one last Roker Rhyme.

It looks like time to say goodbye,
But wipe that tear from your eye,
And take to your time to look just here,
Sit back, relax, and grab a beer.

For a jaunt through the season, we will go,
A term full of highs, and the lowest of lows.
From beating Chelsea, 3-0 away,
To losing to Notts County, on that cold January day.

Now foolish it would be, to discuss every game,
As post-Christmas blues, would bring back the pain.
So a condensed version, here you will see,
We'll call it a present, a gift from me.

It started so well, did our Premiership jaunt,
Two goals to the good, until Catts' us did haunt.
For his two yellow cards, did signal a red,
For fouling Lee Bowyer, he deserved a medal instead.

A look through those fixtures, as the games came and went,
Show just how we miss, moneygrabbing Darren Bent.
But it wasn't long, before Gyan hit his stride,
It was good management from Bruce, his time he did bide.

None of us will forget, the Halloween horror show,
A stuffing by the Mags, provided a season-long low.
A red card for Titus, barely altered our stance,
We were already beaten, thanks to Nolan's chicken dance.

But onwards we went, and in the capital soared,
Putting on a performance, better than ever before.
Goals for Nedum, Danny Welbeck and Gyan,
As he proved without Darren, he was the main man.

And then did come Christmas, finished the year with no cheer,
As that man Dudley Campbell, scored another two here.
But we bounced back well, giving Blackburn the slip,
Three goals to the good, and the net we did rip.

But you all know, what happened from then,
When the squad all got injured, and the goals dried up when...
We struggled for weeks, couldn't pick up a win,
And relegation loomed, our chances looked thin.

But we sneaked in some victories, when we needed them most,
We're still bottom half though, no reason to boast.
And what of this weekend, for the visit of Mick?
Well another crushing victory, to leave us feeling sick.

And now we go visit, to the home of West Ham,
Let's hope the floodgates open, and we break down that dam.
And the goals do come flowing, and we finish on a high,
As for now, it's time, I'm off, see you later, goodbye.

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