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The Roker Report Podcast Episode 6! Back On iTunes!!


Hello there people, it’s time for Episode 6 of the award nominated Roker Report Podcast!

Joining Simon Walsh this week is David Boyle, and with brand new mic so he doesn’t sound like he’s in a bin and/or toilet, it’s Dan Williams.

This week we’ve been rounding up what little news there is at Sunderland at the minute, and discussing the Bolton game as best we can when only one us actually bothered to watch it. We also look ahead to the Wolves game and round up what the hell has happened on this week... oh, and there’s a song about Marcos Angeleri at the end by Simanilow Walsh. You have been warned, it’s not for the faint hearted, or anyone who values their ears.

You can get the show directly off our wonderful new hosting service NASN right HERE or follow this iTunes link -

Also, sorry about the mix-up, but we are back on iTunes, so follow these very important instructions as you are going to need to re-subscribe! Search iTunes for "Roker Report Podcast" or something like that and you will get this screen...


As you can see, you want the middle one, as to the left is the one on the old server, and to the right is simply the wrong one. YOU WANT THE MIDDLE ONE.

That will take you to this screen...


This is the only one which will be updated in the future, so subscribe to this one, and delete the previous one you were subscribed to! I want to see lots of new subscribers!

Thanks everyone, and please leave a review!

Enjoy the show!

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