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The First Ever Roker Report Podcast!


Well then ladies and gentlemen, this week we finally record our first ever Roker Report Podcast... Yippee! Much threatened, often delayed, the day has finally come.

Each week, join host Simon Walsh along with the other writers on Roker Report - Michael Graham, Dan Williams, David Boyle & Chris Weatherspoon for news, opinion and general SAFC banter that you just can't get from any other SAFC Podcast.

We want YOU the listener/potential listener to get involved too. Part of the show each week will be your questions. Or rather 'question' singular. Follow us on Twitter @RokerReport and on Tuesdays we'll be searching for the best question asked to discuss on the show. Of course you'll get the credit for asking and a mention on the show. Who knows, that might be the cue to get you the extra followers we all crave so much. Plus it would be nice just to hear from you.

Questions could be anything - a hypothetical situation, it could be amusing or serious. The choice is yours.... then ours. Just get asking over on @RokerReport

God knows how long it's going to last, what day it will be online and when it will be on iTunes, but keep your eyes firmly fixed on us and we'll give you the details in due course.

We're aiming to have it online by Thursday as this week we look back at City, look forward to WBA, recap some news and of course YOUR QUESTIONS.

So hit us up now, and we'll do our best to please. Feel free after the show to contact us, telling us we rule, we suck or whatever by emailing

Enjoy Listening!

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