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The Roker Report Podcast Episode 4!!

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Welcome back young traveller. As is every Thursday, it's time for you to download the Roker Report Podcast, and we're on to Episode Four!

Simon Walsh, Michael Graham and Chris Weatherspoon all in high spirits this week following the 4-2 win over Wigan Athletic, and on the agenda this week is...

  • News! - Seb Larrson? Van Nistelrooy? Plus the latest on everyone's injuries...
  • A look back at Wigan, and the most impressive performers.
  • A look forward to Fulham on Saturday with predictions and more!
  • A fantastic question of the week from Twitter (@RokerReport)
  • Plus we tell you whats on this very site this week.

You can get the Roker Report Podcast on iTunes via THIS LINK or get it from our hosting service RIGHT HERE. We'd love it if you signed up on iTunes though and helped propel us up the charts!

As always, we're trying to put the word out and bring you, the people, an interesting look at Sunderland AFC via the medium of Podcasting, so please, go forth and spread the word if you enjoy listening. Tell your friends, your family, put it on other blogs and forums. We'd really appreciate it.

Thanks once again for listening, and enjoy the show!