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Asamoah Gyan & Tinchy Stryder Planning Song?

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We're well aware that Asamoah Gyan is a big personality, and a big fan of music. We've all seen Asamoah aka "BabyJet" collaborate with Ghanaian star Castro on a track, yes, the "sexy like cheese" one, and it looks like the hit-man might be planning another move into music.

Twitter was a-buzz on Wednesday night as BabyJet exchanged Tweets with top UK rapper Tinchy Stryder about making a song together.

For those that need filling in, Tinchy is a rapper born in the UK, but of Ghanaian descent, and has scored two No.1 hits, in addition to his second album "Catch 22" reaching No.2 in the charts.


After exchanging pleasantries and being very civil to eachother, this came out from the British chart sensation...


Which was quickly followed by Asamoah saying...


Before announcing he'd be very much up for it...


In the midst of all this there was some fairly boring correspondence about the two exchanging phone numbers, with Tinchy signing off with this cryptic, but promising prose...


So it looks like it could well be on to me, and to be honest, I don't mind if it is. Certainly some good attention for Sunderland, and it's definitely going to be better than say, Andy Cole's version of "Outstanding" or Hoddle & Waddle. I hope anyway.

Either way, I'd listen to it, hell, I might even buy it. What do you guys think? Perhaps you could suggest a cover version for them...

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