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Roker Report Podcast Episode 3!

Hola! Here we are with episode three of the Roker Report Podcast, and what a lovely little gem it is this week.

On the show this week, joining the host with the most (thats me) are the returning David Boyle as well as a debutant - fresh back from a holiday (there was no truth in the cruise rumour) was Chris Weatherspoon of Roker Relives and Talking Tactics fame.

Up for discussion this week...

  • News! People are injured & we might sign one of these strikers.
  • The defeat at Birmingham gets a good going over.
  • We look forward to the Wigan game, and worry about Charles N'Zogbia.
  • A great Question Of The Week from Twitter that left us a little puzzled.
  • And of course, what's happening around this week.

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Either way, its well worth the price - completely free - In what other Sunderland related Podcast, or indeed radio show would you hear people say things like "Alrightyroo" and "Toodles"... only on the best one - The Roker Report Podcast.

Go get it today! And every other Thursday for that matter!

Oh, and PS - If you like the show, spread the word! Tell your firends, your family, and even random people on the street and help propell us into a Top 20 on iTunes (No.18 for a short period last week). We'd really love that!

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