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Fan Focus: Birmingham City (A) Post-Match Views

As we do, we caught up with Kevin Ball of Birmingham City blog Joys & Sorrows to get his post-match thoughts.

We got his views on the game itself, some reasons for us not to worry so much, and just for a bit of variety, his views on whether Steve Bruce's tenure at SAFC is up.

If you want some more Birmingham City information, then head on over to Joys & Sorrows to see what they thought of the game. They're also worth a follow on Twitter too @joysandsorrows so get on that.

For now though, here's Kevins answers to our questions...

Congrats on the win, although I can’t help but feel we handed it to you. How did you see the game?

Kevin: Thank you, yeah the first goal was a comedy of errors. I felt for Bardsley because other than that mistake, I thought he did alright. The keeper definitely called for it – but then stopped for a brief moment, Seb was fortunate to just get to it.

In regards to the game, I said in my brief post match thoughts that we were all over you for about 5 minutes! After that you really controlled the game. Foster pulled off some good saves, and you really should have been 1 up before we scored.

If you continue to play like that though, you’ll be fine. There was the synchronised head in hands moment from the Sunderland fans after the 1st goal. It was amusing, but I did feel for you – we’ve been there a number of times too!!

Three valuable points in the bag... Staying up?

Kevin: I think so, although 1 more win would nice. Blackburn and Blackpool seem in freefall and Wolves and West Ham are struggling. They now need 7 points to overtake us, it’ll be 10 if we win. (I’m accounting for goal difference as a point). I can’t see them doing it. My 3 will come from those 4 teams.

Who was your man of the match from both teams?

Kevin: Ooh difficult one, I’d struggle to choose between Foster and Johnson for us, they were both excellent. For you? I was impressed with Welbeck and I thought Bardsley did well too.

Is there any hope for Sunderland this season? We played well, which is a start, but playing well and losing still gets you nothing...

Kevin: Well you won’t go down if that’s what you mean, so it’ll just be about finishing as high as you can. See my answer for question 2 for more details!

You mentioned that you think Bruce might get the chop if we lost. We did lose... would you stick or twist on Bruce if you were in our shoes?

Kevin: Well that is two different questions! Do I think he’ll be sacked, yes. I Just think your board expect better from the side and will look for a new manager in the summer. Would I sack him? Hmmm, Steve is a lovely bloke. I have met him a number of times, but I don’t rate him as a "top" manager – so I would be looking to bring someone else alongside him as a fallback.

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