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These Rhymes Were Meant To Be Light-Hearted Affairs!

No, really, they were!

A little fun section to round up what's been going on. But how can you have fun when we have taken one point from the last 27 available??

Anyway, enough gloom, here we go again...

Another week gone, and a similar rhyme,

Discussing a defeat, now it’s eight out of nine.

What do we do, to stop this huge rut,

We played a little better, we still lost though, but....


Colback did nicely, in the centre of the park,

Just did what we needed, wasn’t there to cause spark.

And Jordan looked better, after his little rest,

Hopefully now, he’ll be back to his best.


But still we look toothless, don’t look like we’ll score,

Sessegnon almost did, but then chances? No more.

Jordan shot wide, Welbeck’s header was poo,

And at the other end, well, we’re all feeling blue.


It wasn’t what we needed, such a stupid goal,

We were playing quite well, but dug ourselves a hole.
The Mig he came calling, but didn’t quite make it,

Bardo went ballistic, he was fuming, didn’t fake it.

And the second half came, and the second half went,

And it’s depressing to see, how we miss Judas Bent.

Or anyone really, to stick the ball in the net,

At least Roker Riches, provided a winning bet.


When Gardner got the ball, from 20 yards out,

Swung his left foot, and gave it a clout.

It can’t be just me, that knew it was in,

And we’d have to wait longer, for that illusive win.


So the pressure is growing, on the head of our clan,

Mr Steve Bruce, needs to prove he’s the man.

To drag us out of this mess, and show some desire,

We’re 15th in the league now, and need to be higher.

So onwards we go, looking over our shoulder,

The threat of relegation, hung to us like a boulder.

But we’ll beat Wigan surely? Fingers crossed, anyway,

As we’re as good as most teams, when it is our day.

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