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Can Nyron Nosworthy Return To The Squad?

Nyron Nosworthy has had his loan at Sheffield United terminated by the Blades, and with our defensive crisis, not just to mention players dropping like flies in general, we wondered, can the big man play? By which I mean step on to the pitch, we know his limitations as far as 'playing football' go.

Well, I did a little digging, and for those of you who wonder if Nyron can get back in the squad, or if he's even eligible, we have done our damnedest to find out for you.

Here's the results of my findings. This is by no means guaranteed, but should be a little pointer for anyone still wondering/hoping/wishing/terrified by Nyron's return to the Academy of Light.

When the first round of cuts were made to get us in the 25 man squad limit, Bruce opted to name 24 of the 25. The likes of Jordan Henderson, David Meyler and Danny Welbeck, along with recent additions to the first team like Jack Colback, Ryan Noble and Billy Knott, all did not need to be registered due to their age.

From that original list submitted at the start of the season, we have lost: Paulo Da Silva, David Healy, Darren Bent and Andy Reid, leaving us with 19 players.

In January we added Stephane Sessegnon, and Sulley Muntari. Bringing the tally back up to 21 players, and 4 available gaps for free signings and returning loan players.

Can a returning loanee play? Sure can according  to the Premier League, who state on their website: "Players in the 25-man squads who go out on loan to Football League clubs may not be replaced. However they may reclaim their place on their return."

Now at this juncture it's worth pointing out that Nyron was not in the original 25-man squad, having been shipped off to Sheffield United. However, by virtue of the rule above, he could return to the squad. This is backed up by the Premier League's ruling that all senior contracted players must be included in the squad if available: "However if they have 25 eligible contracted players, they must be named."

Nyron is a senior player, he has a contract, he will surely be named if necessary. I'm hoping that day doesn't come, personally speaking.

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