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Sunderland v Birmingham City Game Thread

Will we get out of this continual slide? Will we even bother turning up? Who knows in all honesty, but this is certainly the place to come vent your anger, nominate your scapegoats, scream with joy and shed a tear!

Yes indeedio, you can come here and chat freely about the game before it, during it, and maybe even after it if you feel like it. Writers from The Roker Report will be popping in too, so why not join us!

All you have to do is register with us (FOR FREE) where it says "Start Posting on Roker Report" over on the right-hand-side there! It takes all of a minute, so why not get involved!

As for the game itself, of course Roker Report is the place for all your build-up, and we've got it covered from all angles...

Roker Relives - A classic encounter between our two sides.

Birmingham Fan Opinion - From the top Birmingham blog Joys & Sorrows

Betting Guide - Maybe winning some money will ease the gloom around our performances?

The Preview - With all the analysis, team news and of course, our own predictions.

Not to mention we've a Podcast you know! Deemed both New & Noteworthy by iTunes themselves, and recently rose as high as 18th in the Sports Podcast Charts. Come get involved with it, download it, subscribe to it... We'd love you for doing so! >>> GET IT HERE

Anyway, on with the game! KTF, FTM!

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