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I Blame Richard Hammond...

You'll have to forgive me for yet another mention of Sunderland frankly atrocious injury record this season, but when it refuses to die down, and we have been hit by yet another blow this morning, it is frankly pretty difficult to ignore.

Not only did Roker Report's Captain Fishpaste discuss it in last week's Captain's Blog, but if you get hold of episode two of the podcast, you'll hear us discussing it there too.

News from the club is that Niall Quinn and Steve Bruce have ordered an investigation into why we are hit by so many long-term injuries, so often. We don't get the little nigglers that keep players out for two or three days, no, we get crutiate ligaments galore. What ever happened to the good old days or having a dead leg, or players tripping over the dog and getting concussion from the ironing board? The comedy injuries we could deal with, but our situation is getting beyond a joke.

I'm sure that you've all seen the news that Frazier Campbell will be out for the season, thanks to SAFC Official's twitter page this morning. Now it could be argued that due to his lack of action this term, he won't exactly be missed, but that would do the point a major disservice. At all stages of this season we have had key players missing from the team thanks to long-term injuries, Campbell, Meyler, Cattermole and Turner to name but a few.

So what is going on behind-the-scenes that is causing our players to spend more time on the treatment table than the pitch? And more importantly, what the hell do we plan to do about it?

As you'll hear on the podcast, I personally think that the enquiry into our injuries has come at least six months too late. Why wait until half of the squad has been stuck down before looking into it? It should have been done when the first injury occurred, but, I suppose, better late than never.

Is our training schedule too rigorous? Are players encouraged to take a leaf out of Roy Keane's book when tackling in a friendly game of five-a-side? Do we play in a vat of quicksand that twists the knees of our stars? Only people behind-the-scenes know, and only they can sort this out. But if we are ever going to gain any kind of consistency, and not go on runs like the one that we are all currently suffering through, we need our players fit, and fighting for positions.

So there you have it, more players crocked and almost no explanation as to why, which is exactly the reason that I blame Richard Hammond...

In my head, and at least this allows me to smile about the situation, Steve Bruce must love the show Total Wipeout so much that he's constructed his own assault course at the training ground. Perhaps FC9 didn't quite clear the Big Red Balls, or Titus Bramble's knee took a quick jab from that wall of fists on there...

Cheers Richard, the next time  you come up with an idea for a ridiculus yet hilarious way to hurt and humiliate people, keep it to yourself yeah?

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