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Hello Hello!

Well hello there new faces, and welcome to our new home some of our older visitors. Roker Report are finally on SB Nation! First of all we’re delighted to be here, and we’re incredibly grateful to the folks behind the scenes at SB Nation for making this possible.

Secondly, some of the newer fans might be thinking "Who the hell are you anyway?"... Well we’re The Roker Report. A blog dedicated to Sunderland AFC.

Hopefully I can tell you a bit about us, what we do and why you should stick around.

Since late 2010, we have been providing expert analysis and content on a daily basis to do with Sunderland AFC. Opinions, facts, stats and reaction mean we’re the best source of information for all things SAFC.

Although some of our regular readers will be familiar with the following features, but for the newbies, here’s what we do every week:

Cult Heroes
In Cult Heroes, we reminisce on years gone by, and players who captured our hearts at the times. Perhaps not the most gifted, but certainly amongst the most loved for their endeavours on the pitch.

Talking Tactics
In this section, we go deep into the analysis of each game, looking at how Sunderland used some tactical genius (not bloody likely) or succumbed to our opposition with some tactical naivety (more regular). It’s kind of our own little version of Zonal Marking if you will.

Roker Relives
Our weekly match build-up starts with us reminiscing on a classic match against that weeks opposition.

Fan Focus
In Fan Focus, we chat to a fan, or usually a blogger from the opposition and get their views not only before the match, like so many other sites do, but we get their thoughts after the match too. Fan Focus is a two parter.

Roker Riches
Roker Riches is our betting guide to the weekend action. Our expert makes his picks every week, and more often than not, wins you money.

Match Preview
Every game, we’ll preview the game the day before the actual match, with the latest injury news, team news, probable line-ups, predictions and highlight the key clashes.

Match Report
Only hours (and sometimes minutes) of the game finishing, we put our match report online. We speak in it like fans, because that’s exactly what we are, but also provide a fair and balanced viewpoint, as we tell you what happened, how it happened, player ratings and a final summing up.

Roker Rhymes
Roker Rhymes is every Sunday, where our resident poet recaps the weeks action with a little ditty.

Think that sounds like a lot? Well that’s because it is. However we don’t stop there, we provide all sorts of news, analysis, and thought-provoking articles about all things Sunderland, as you’ll see from our previous entries.

We’d love you to stick around, and of course as well as checking us out on SB Nation &, we have our own Facebook fan page -

Stay in touch with the whole Roker Report team on Twitter too...

@RokerReport is the Twitter address for all the writers of Roker Report where you’ll find links to the latest articles, as well as general SAFC banter.

Of course you can also interact with all the writers of Roker Report on a more personal basis too, just look for the following people...

@SimoWalsh - @Gavin_Callghan - @DavidBoyle1985 - @DanInFrance - @Christoph_21 - @Capt_Fishpaste

And that’s about all there is too it. New to Roker Report, or you’ve been reading since the beginning, just stay right here for all your SAFC related goodness.

We’re looking forward to talking to you all.

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