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Sunderland's Worst Foreign XI

After yesterday's look at possibly the finest team that we have put together over the years made up of players from abroad, it only seemed fair that we went into detail about some of the players that have 'graced' our club, and haven't exactly set the world alight.

And thanks to Mr Angeleri's comments this morning, we certainly wouldn't want to be seen as having racist intentions, it's all about balance here at Roker Report.

The same rules apply, a strict 4-4-2, with no players from the UK or Ireland. Here's how we got on...

Goalkeeper - Lionel Perez - France

Tough call between the keepers. Perez and Jurgen Macho seemed the two obvious choices. In the end, plumped for Perez. The openly flamboyant Frenchman was guilty of so many errors amongst his spectacular saves. Saves mainly made because he was so out of position in the first place. The reason he wins over Macho? Macho forged a decent career out overseas, where as Perez moved to our neighbors across the road to become reserve keeper followed by a stint at Cambridge United. I'm not buying any Nyron-esque here status here, the man was simply useless.

Right Back - Marcos Angeleri - Argentina

After his outburst this morning, which caught us all off guard to be honest, there is now only one man for this slot, step forward Marcos Angeleri. Yes son, you might have nice hair, but the points that you are making are utter garbage. Brucey doesn't ignore you because you are foreign, half of the first squad is, he ignores you because you are garbage. And let's be honest, he's shown us nothing to suggest otherwise. It is one of the greatest mysteries of the universe that this man shares an international training ground with Lionel Messi. I would hate (actually, no, love) to see what the little genius does to him in training.

(An honourable mention goes to Greg Halford in this category. Yes, I know he wasn't foreign, but he is up there with the worst right backs I have ever seen, and I didn't think it was fair not to mention him, no matter what the rules)

Central Defence - Baki Mercimek - Turkey

All hail Peter Reid for managing to snaffle the signature of an 18-year-old defender who learnt his trade at the famed Ajax academy, and was hailed in the press as 'the next Jaap Stam'. Unfortunately for Reidy, and us fans of course, the only thing that he had in common with Jaap was leaving England under a cloud. Having played a grand total of no games for the club, he left a failure, and now plys his trade for Turkish side Karsiyaka.

Central Defence - Talal El Karkouri - Morocco

A late surge in voting has seen this Moroccan defender make his way into the hallowed eleven. To say that this man was once part of both Uefa Cup and Champions League campaigns for Paris Saint Germain meant that there should have been at least something about him that we could celebrate, but no, sold to Charlton having only played eight games for the lads, he is more likely to be remembered for feigning injury and rolling around like he had been shot than anything that he actually offered in a football sense.

Left Back - Pascal Chimbonda - France

Okay, this might be a little harsh, as in reality, Chimbonda probably shows how far we have come, rather than being a terrible player. Signed as part of the deal that brought Tainio and Steed to the club, he was part of Roy Keane's big plan to take us on to the next level. Unfortunately for both, neither was really a long term solution. Roy ran away when things got a little tough, and Pascal was happily shipped off back to Spurs when Harry returned. It doesn't reflect well on him that he was sold on again, this time to Blackburn, only a few months later.

Right Wing - David Bellion - France

Folks, we have a battle between our 'wingers' to see who can be the most controversial, and unliked. First up, David Bellion. Signed back in 2001, the young Frenchman seemed to have the world at his feet, unfortunately, it turned out that all he was really good for was running fast. Now Sally Gunnell could run fast, but I wouldn't fancy her to win a header against Tony Adams. After bagging his first, and only, goal against Aston Villa, the pacy winger/forward was apparently attracting interest from Old Trafford (any ideas why? I'm stumped too), and helpfully went AWOL in France while we were up to our necks in a relegation battle. After denying any contact with United upon his return, claiming that he was visiting a sick grandmother and was too 'mentally unfit' to play, he was shipped off to Manchester for a reasonable fee, but not before Bob Murray allegedly had to sign a confidentiality agreement, blocking him from telling the world of United's actions, who had apparently gone as far as paying for his phone bills while he was still with us.

Central Midfield - Arnau Riera - Spain

There is always going to be great expectation when you sign a player from Barcelona, and Niall Quinn was certainly doing nothing to quell the flames when he proclaimed about Riera "We really like the look of him. He's a creative player but he also likes a tackle. He has fantastic lungs, and he's the type of player you need to be to come to Sunderland. He ticks all the boxes." Unfortunately for us, the only box he ticked was 'can he get sent off?' After making his debut in a defeat to Southend, the tenacious midfielder was sent off against Bury after only three minutes, and was subsequently shipped out to the afore-mentioned Shrimpers after another three years on the books, and no more appearances to speak of.

Central Midfield - Dickson Etuhu - Nigeria

Another strange one, given that the big midfielder has gone on to be an integral part of Fulham's first-team squad, but having signed from Norwich City for £1.5m, having had a punch up with a team mate on the coach, Etuhu just never really settled at the club. Perhaps we had a wealth of players in his position at the time, but when you are fighting for a place with Graham Kavanagh and Dean Whitehead, surely he should have shone a little brighter. One goal in 20 games, and the big lad was on his way.

Left Wing - El Hadji Diouf - Senegal

There was only one choice for this position, honestly, there could be only one. The spitting, swearing, diving, punching, cheating llama-like winger was another one of Roy's 'big captures', but as with almost every club that he has been at, no-one was truly unhappy to see the back of him.

Striker - Tor Andre Flo - Norway

Flo was another obvious shoe-in for this team. It can't be argued that he earned his fame during a purple patch at Chelsea where he seemed to come off the bench and notch a goal every week, before Rangers took a punt on the big Norweigan, and 38 goals in 72 games speaks for itself. Things weren't so peachy at the Stadium of Light though. A deadline day signing, and an attempt to replace Niall Quinn, fans always saw him as something of a panic buy as he came in as part of a £10m deal, combined with Marcus Stewart, and while the club claims that he was bought for £6.75m, fans speculate that it could have been as much as £8.25m. If the second is closer to the truth, then a return of four goals, priced at £2m each, speaks for itself, and confirms his place in this team.

Striker - Milton Nunez - Honduras

This man will go down in history at Sunderland, but for all the wrong reasons.  It is believed that Peter Reid thought that he had signed Nunez's strike partner at PAOK at the time (Adolfo Valencia), and the diminutive frontman only made one appearance for the Black Cats before being shipped on his way.

Noticable references in this category also go to Rada Prica, who threatened to be good, but didn't really take it much further than that, and the also-legendary for the wrong reasons, Lilian Laslandes.

So, is that the worst foreign XI to 'star' for Sunderland in recent years? As ever, let us know what you think...

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