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Fan Focus: SAFC v Liverpool Post-Match Views

So as is customary, even in defeat we must continue on with Fan Focus, and we're back over to SB Nation's top Liverpool Blog "Anfield Asylum" to speak with Sam Fels, and get his views on what turned out to be a routine victory for the Merseysiders.

Head on over to his site (link above) for more reaction from the Liverpool side, but for now enjoy the second part of Fan Focus.

Thanks for having a read, the Q&A continues after the jump...

So, it turns out there was nothing to worry about this weekend as we seemed to make life easy enough for Liverpool by not turning up. Clean sheet and three points, happy man?

Sam Fels: Considering how itchy I get at games right after European disappointment, yes. Three points is what it is, and though Pool weren't stellar they did enough, and that's fine.

It was the first start of Carroll & Suarez together, how do you feel they did?

SF: I think Suarez would look good if he were partnering me up top. He's just a wonderful player. I'm reserving judgement on Carroll. He obviously wins everything in the air but our lack of creativity means he's doing that about 40 yards from goal. It's not his fault, as Carragher and Skrtel just can't help themselves in punting it up there. Hopefully, when Carroll can play in a 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 with both Gerrard and Meireles more central, we can see what he can do in a flowing team. But he certainly doesn't let anyone down, and if for a couple unlucky bounces would have two goals in two starts.

I wish I could blame Kevin Friend’s terrible penalty call, but it wouldn’t have changed much. That said – Awful wasn’t it?

SF: Bad? Yes. Awful? No. People make too much of this, but at the speed the game moves at you can see how these mistakes get made, and it was a mistake. Funny they don't give the refs an extra tool for help on such important decisions. I hear there's this thing NASA has been experimenting with called "video review".

The only positive I can find from a Sunderland perspective is that Welbeck & Gyan seemed to link up well when they were on. Did you manage to spot anything I didn’t to give us Sunderland fans hope?

SF: Steve Bruce still your manager, right? So no.

Luis Suarez not only scored a fantastic goal, but had the better of Mensah & Co all afternoon, and for me was probably Man Of The Match, tough as that is to admit. Who was your top performer?

SF: Well, if not Suarez then I'd have to go with Jay Spearing, which almost gives me an aneurysm to write. I've never understood the "promise" that Spearing apparently has, or at least I was told he has by Liverpool supporters. He came on during a destruction of Real Madrid for 15 minutes and ran around a lot, and then all of the sudden he was a piece for the future. Maybe it's because he's a local lad an ungodly ugly we all feel a kinship with him. But every other time he's been in the first time he's been awful when he hasn't been invisible. Yesterday was the first time I could see what everyone told me I should be, a very will and active runner who can pick a pass out and make things happen. Hope to see more.

And finally if you could just get your crystal ball out and predict our two clubs final league positions...

SF: Well, I'm being cock-eyed about this but I honestly feel Liverpool could grab fifth from either Spurs or City who have their focus elsewhere. Sunderland? 10th-12th sounds about right. Eventually Gyan and Welbeck will score enough to keep you from sliding too much further.

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