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Roker Rhyme: Urgh, That Was No Fun

So, well, urm, Liverpool. That was fun. This is going to be short, and not particularly sweet, sorry about that!

Now how to discuss that one, 

WIthout the temptation to swear.

Those refereeing decisions,

Make it difficult to bear.


But let me pose some questions,

To the esteemed man in black.

Who, if I had my way, 

Would be facing the sack.


You were stood where the foul was,

And had already seen.

Where Mensah caught Stearing,

Where the foul had been.


So why take advice, 

From the man further away?

Changing your mind,

Really ruined our day.


How could Lucas see,

Where the foul had took place?

It was all cheats and lies,

Falling out of his face.


Then fair play to Suarez.

But have a word Mig'.

You didn't cover your front post,

Didn't make yourself big.


Then the ref's back,

Determined to spoil our day.

A long hoof upfield,

Suarez trying to get away.


But he was nowhere near the ball,

When Mensah got hold.

It was bouncing through to Simon,

But this ref he is bold.


See though let's not pretend,

That we deserved even a thing.

Our team offered nothing,

To make us fans sing.


One shot on goal,

Near the end of the game.

Another game against Liverpool,

Coated in pain.


We're thankful for a break now,

Two weeks to get fit.

But we'll get ripped apart at City,

If once again we play so sh... ocking

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