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New 2011/12 Home Kit Revealed

Sunderland's new home kit was revealed today, and... well... It looks very similar to what we had a few years ago with Nike don't you think?

"Part of the Family, Part of the Fabric" is the campaign - promoting a crisp, clean red and white design. Which you can't really argue with, it is fairly classical looking, and SAFC have always prided themselves on being a community club. It will be available in shops on May 12th 2011, just in time for the game against Wolves at home, or you can pre-order it now.





Not overly keen myself, but then I'm kind of past the age of having to have the latest kit.

The shirt is available for pre-order right now on <<-- Check out the site, if only for the accompanying video, which is well... just watch it. It's quite odd to say the least. Reminds me of that old Nike ad too. The one with Cantona etc "What do you see? A Frenchman, a Black man..."

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