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Two More On International Duty

Craig Gordon & Phil Bardsley are the latest Sunderland players to be called up for international duty next week, leaving us with hardly anyone at the training ground next week. Of course, that's a good thing to have so many players being recognized on the world stage.

Gordon along with Bardsley will be hoping to line-up against Brazil at Arsenal's Emirates Stadium next week, in a game to be shown live on ITV1.

Craig Gordon's call-up is somewhat strange what with him being injured, so on that front I hope he doesn't play to be honest, and doesn't attempt too much in training which will aggravate his injury.

Bardsley on the other hand will be out to show the Brazilians that you can have a marauding full-back who can tackle too, without having to compromise as he takes a starring role as the best full-back on the pitch. Or so I think.

These latest call-ups put SAFC's tally at around 11 so far, and there'll be more to come no doubt as further squads are announced, but who's counting eh?

Well done to the boys, and don't go getting injured!

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