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Get Involved With The Roker Report!!

Hi-De-Hi Campers!

This is just a quick little note about getting involved with The Roker Report now we are comfy in our new house (SB Nation) and what lovely changes have been made.

Did you that as a site well and truly run by fans, for fans, that we aren't some sort of exclusive club, and anyone can get involved with us.

How? Well first up - Get yourself registered with the site. Just head to the top right hand corner of your screen and there will be an option to do so. It says something like "Start Posting On Roker Report"... It's completely free, very simple, and here's what you can do once you've done so...

FanShots - You see down the right hand side there, the bit that says FanShots? FanShots are images or videos sent by you the user. Seen something interesting on YouTube, or a joke picture etc? Post it! It will be seen by everyone who comes to the site, and if we think it's top draw then we can post it to the main page! 

FanPosts - You'll also see on the right hand side, FanPosts. FanPosts follow the same principles as FanShots, except it's text based. If you've got an insightful story, or some rant you want to get off your chest, we're here for you. Plus much like the FanShots, if it deserves a wider audience, we'll give it one by promoting it to the front page.

Game Threads - Game Threads will be posted on the morning of every game, providing up to date information about teams, where you can watch the game etc etc. You can chat with fans of SAFC and the opposition, and so long as you're not a complete tool say whatever you like! We'll be having one this weekend so get involved now before it's too late!

And last but not least, if you follow other teams, in other sports in other countries even - you can follow them on SB Nation too by simply becoming a fan. All the best blogs, of your favorite teams in one handy place. What more could you want?

What are you waiting for? Get yourself involved in time for this weekend's game!

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