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Gyan & Muntari Not Out For Revenge

John Mensah once again prepares for battle with Luis Suarez this weekend.
John Mensah once again prepares for battle with Luis Suarez this weekend.

Whilst we may have expected our Ghanaian pair of Sulley Muntari & Asamoah Gyan to go out and deliver some rough justice to World Cup Wrong'un Luis Suarez on Sunday, the pair have pledged to be civil, and will even shake his hand.

Speaking to The Sun ahead of this Sunday's game, Muntari said "Personally, I have no bad intention towards him, I haven't any grudge against him." 

Muntari, later asked if he would go as far as shaking the hand which helped knock Ghana out of last summer's World Cup said "Yes, of course. Why not? He is a fantastic player. What about if I was the one who got the ball and he didn't win? Am I going to be his enemy? It's part of football."

Asamoah Gyan joined his fellow international by saying "I am a good sportsman. People ask me if I am going to shake his hand when he comes to the Stadium of Light, and I say, why not?"

The pair called for calm against Suarez and Liverpool this Sunday, reiterating the stance that the past won't come into things "It is going to be Sunderland against Liverpool and we want to win the game"

So whilst it's all happy-happy-nicey-nicey for those two, the other third of our Ghanaian contingent, defender John Mensah made no comment. So I can only assume he's still narked, and down the boxing gym with Phil Bardsley & Bally... In fact I can see Bally taking the role of Mickey from Rocky... "Keep hittin'em in the ribs ya see? Don't let that bastard breathe!"

Or maybe my imagination is out of control.

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