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Roker Rhymes: It's Good To Be Back!

Well hello everyone. After an enforced absence, due to French internet being about as reliable as Kenwyne Jones, I'm back in the world of Roker Report with one of my much-loved poems (well, my Mum likes them!)

Check out my round-up of all the SAFC news which has happened whilst I've been gone.

You'll have to excuse me, for being away, 
But now I'm returning, and am here to stay.
So let's do some rhyming, I know it's been a while,
A few lines of poetry, to hopefully raise a smile.

Exciting times indeed, for our Sunderland site,
A glistening future, filled with red and white.
So let's not waste time now, no more procrasination,
Now that Roker Report, has moved to SB Nation!

And let us be honest, that out on the pitch,
Times have been hard, our fixtures a bitch.
But it is not all terrible, let some optimism in,
We'll find some in our chairman, that man, Niall Quinn.

Yes we lost four games, but at Arsenal, stopped the rot,
And with Liverpool to come, we want this, a lot.
Danny Welbeck's back in training, couldn't be a better time,
As well as our other pacy frontman, of course, FC9.

With Catts on the mend, and back ready for war,
We know that with Gyan here, we're likely to score.
Gutted for Gordon, but the Mig ain't half bad,
Now just for Turner, come on Michael lad.

So what have I missed? In my time out the scene?
What has been happening? Where have we been?
Everton, that's where, f*cking Goodison Park,
And depressingly so, we barely left a mark.

So let's be happy as I said, look forward, not back,
And concentrate on getting, our season back on track.
Quinny kicked off at the pubs, gave it some verbal clout,
And it blatently worked, Liverpool is a sell out.

And with a stadium full to brimming, with the famous red and white,
It's just what the boys need, to start getting things right.
Andy Carrol is in town, but we've got nothing to fear,
A long ball up to the big man, and Titus heads it clear.

Then a ball banged out wide, to Jordan who is staying,
F*ck Manchester United, for Sunderland he is playing.
He'll play it to Muntari, who'll look out for the Sess,
And suddenly King Kenny's game plan, will start to look a mess.

Tidy little through ball, the best of the move yet,
Right in to the path, of our Ghanain Baby Jet
One touch for him to set it, and then it's a safe bet,
Then when the ball leaves his foot, it will be hitting the net.

And when the whistle blows, we'll climb the table, not fall,
Thanks to our heroic black cats, and not a shiny beach ball.
The new breed is what we'll call them, funded by Mr Ellis, the gent,
Screw the likes of Murphy, Chimbonda and Darren Bent

And just before I go, a little piece of advice,
A cracking new magazine, only two pounds in price.
Take a closer look, Mickey Gray edited it you see,
Our new favourite periodical, it's called Seventy Three.

Cheers everyone, it's good to be back, see you for more next week! (Hopefully Sunday, depending on Le Internet)

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