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Dear Mr Welbeck

Dear Mr Welbeck,

Hello Danny, can I call you Danny? Well I'm going to anyway. My name is Simon - long time supporter, first time writer. I'm writing to you today to hopefully persuade you one way or another with regards to your future.

I've read reports today on that our Ghanaian striker Asamoah Gyan has had a word in your ear about furthering your international career with his country. I believe the words were "I've spoken to him, I think he might play for Ghana. We all hope he comes as he is such a fantastic young player."

May I suggest that you go for it. And this comes from me, a full-blown Englishman, and (former) England fan.

I wrote back in January that I thought you'd be an England international before the season ends. I regret that, choose Ghana instead.

Take the advice of Asamoah Gyan, a world class striker with the world at his feet, before a bumbling old Italian buffoon gets in your ear and suggests you move to a bigger club. Perhaps this time Old Man Capello will suggest such luminaries as QPR, or Watford, or maybe even a "massive club" like Europe-chasing, no sorry my mistake, relegation-fighting, Aston Villa. 

You seem to be enjoying playing for Sunderland, to quote yourself  whilst out injured - "I couldn't wait to get back to Sunderland" - and I'm sure you'd get the same pleasure plying your trade with Gyan, Mensah & Muntari for the Black Stars.

To quote Gyan again "We are like a family now, and playing at Sunderland is like playing for the Ghana National Team."

Enjoy Sunderland? Enjoy Ghana. The choice is simple. Do the right thing.

As much as I'd like to see a player as talented as yourself in an England shirt, I fear you'd be wasted, in fact, I know you would be.

Back to the original point -  Choose a future with two teams on the rise, two teams who play with passion, are in pursuit of excellence and exciting to watch. 

Danny, this is your moment. We'll be behind you whatever you choose, but for our sakes I hope you choose Sunderland domestically, and Ghana internationally.

Kindest regards,

Simon A. Walsh.

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