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The Roker Report Podcast: Episode 36 - Happy MONdays

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Download, subscribe, listen, share! Just do something!

Hello and welcome to another episode of The Roker Report Podcast. Not a vintage episode, but it's Christmas, we're all a bit tired and forgetful. I blame these dark mornings and nights. It's confusing. And Bruce. He can shoulder some of the blame too, why not.

Joining Simon Walsh in a quick backtrack over Martin O'Neill this week was Chris Weatherspoon, and the man who forced that, Michael Graham to chat about all things SAFC this week.

In a week light of news away from the managerial hot-seat, we found time to have a look back at Wolves and look forward to Blackburn, or at least as well as we can anyway. Here's some of the highlights for you...

  • A big chat on Martin O'Neill and what he'll do.
  • A look at some of the things said in O'Neill's first press conference.
  • Strangely off on a tangent, the Kieran Richardson debate reared it's ugly head.
  • Looking back at Wolves, and Sebastian Larsson picking up the Best Actor award.
  • O'Hara Handball?
  • A shocking display of just how little we know going into Blackburn this weekend.
  • Nominate some early January transfer targets
  • And much, much more. Including us generally feeling half-asleep and forgetting what we're doing.

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I'm off to do some lines (on paper, not like that) and we'll try better next week. Promise!

Love you bye!

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