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The Week That Was: All Your Build-Up To The Everton Clash

It's been a busy old time, and here's what we've been up to as we build-up to Everton and more.
It's been a busy old time, and here's what we've been up to as we build-up to Everton and more.

Ho ho ho. Here's hoping you got everything you wished for this Christmas. All I'm hoping for is three points today. I know that set's of the cheese-alarm, but still. It's actually true, I got my present earlier in the year.

So anyway, I know you're looking for some top notch build-up to the Everton game today, so here goes nothing...

  • Cult Heroes: In this week's Cult Heroes, in which we profile someone who played for both us and the opposition with some degree of skill, Mr Boyle chose Don Hutchison. Some dislike him because of the West Ham move, but arguably he's the type of player we could still use, and indeed never replaced. If you want to have a read all about the man himself CLICK HERE.
  • Preview: It's time for the preview, and here we've got plenty of team news from both sides, some predictions for the match itself, some tunes to get you in the mood, a betting guide and more, so get yourself fully prepared by heading on over. CLICK HERE to do just that.
  • Podcast: Yup, we've got a podcast, and in it we talk about the Everton game at length, as well as looking back at the previous two games and various other bits and bobs around the club at the moment. IF you want to listen, CLICK HERE to find ways to do so.
  • Fan Focus: A delightful Fan Focus this week as we spoke to author and Everton fan, James Corbett. James filled us in on all aspects of life at Goodison, so take a look and see how they're feeling ahead of the game. To do that, you'll be CLICKING HERE.

And that's your lot. After the game there'll be our match report, plus Talking Tactics the following day too. AS for what's been going on on the rest of the site, here's everything...

Well it's been a very busy week, so here's just some of the highlights. There was further reaction to the defeat at White Hart Lane as we took on another Talking Tactics feature...

Click Here To Read Talking Tactics: Spurs (A)

Whilst our poet laureate Dan Williams also did some rhyming about the game which the geniusly titled feature "Roker Rhymes"

Click Here To Read Roker Rhymes

It was straight from one game to another as QPR were next on the agenda. We've got plenty of preview as you know, but to fill you in on the worthwhile bits, here's some linkitude. David Boyle profiled Dickie Ord in the Cult Heroes section...

Click Here To Read Cult Heroes

Whilst there was also a match report giving you a full break down of what on earth happened, plus plenty of puns and comments about dogs testicles as you'd imagine...

Click Here To Read The QPR Match Report

There was also Talking Tactics from Michael Graham as he found that some of our serial under-performers came to the fore against the R's, so take a look at his findings here...

Click Here To Read Talking Tactics QPR (A)

There was also a Christmas rhyme which incorporated the QPR game provided by the quill of Dan Williams. If you want to have a read, follow the link.

Click Here For A Christmas Roker Rhymes

Ok, so that's all the previous matches out the way, there was some other stuff too on the site. Notably perhaps was Michael Graham's attempt to point out Liverpool's very blinkered view of reality and complete lack of class in handling the Luis Suarez debate. Of course, this kicked off in the comments, where I'm sorry, but some people did themselves no favours.

Click Here To Read The Roker Ramble

There was also this weeks Top Ten, in which we ran down some of the worst strikers to play for the club. Yes, yes, there are some missing, but frankly I'd forgotten they existed until you lot all pointed them out. For shame. That said, the ones chosen were pretty rubbish, so before we start getting on the back of Bendtner and the likes again, lets remind ourselves of how bad it's been.

Click Here To Read The Top Ten

With the festive season very much upon us, we also had time to take a peak at Santa's Naughty and Nice lists concerning SAFC. If you want to see who's getting a nice satsuma and who's getting a lump of coal, you'll have to have a read of the lists.

Click Here To Read The Naughty List or indeed Click Here To Read The Nice List

We also have our weekly column in the Durham Times, so if you fancy a read of that, then head on over here or just click our link below.

Click Here To Read Our Latest Durham Times Column

There was also our Christmas Quiz! You can still take it now, so if you want to take the quiz (there's no prizes by the way) the use these invaluable links.

Click Here For The Quiz Questions and Click Here For Quiz Answers.

Thanks everyone. Remember to come back later for the match report, and we've got loads of good stuff lined up between now and the New Year.

Seasons Greetings to you all, thanks for reading in 2011 (not that we're done yet, but y'know).

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