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The Roker Report Sunderland Christmas Quiz (Questions)

How much do you know? Probably quite a bit as you're intelligent to read our rubbish. Come have a look, and try not to cheat.
How much do you know? Probably quite a bit as you're intelligent to read our rubbish. Come have a look, and try not to cheat.

Ok, so it's mid-morning on Christmas Day. I do hope you're all having a good one so far. However it's also that period where the novelty of some presents has worn off, the kids have broken most of theirs and you're just waiting for dinner to be served. Inevitably as loyal SAFC fans, you've wandered onto the internet to see if there's any rare news.

There isn't any, stop worrying.

However, we do have something. We've made a little quiz so that your evening passes a little quicker when you're all slobbed out on the sofa.

Welcome everyone, to The Roker Report Christmas Quiz! Blow you'll find the questions, which you can read out to your esteemed guests, or indeed just print them out. Later this evening (about 5pm) we'll have the answers for you too, if you just want to play along on your lonesome.

There's no prize (from us anyway) but feel free to have some fun.

And now, on with the questions! Some are easy, some hopefully a bit more taxing, let us know how you got on...

General Knowledge

1. Where did Sunderland play prior to moving to Roker Park?

2. Of players currently on the books, who has been capped the most times internationally?

3. Kevin Phillips won the European Golden Shoe in 1999-2000. How many league goals did he score that season?

4. In 1973 we won the FA Cup. Of course, you know that already, but who are the only two other teams to win the FA Cup whilst not in the top flight of English football?

5. In 1950-51, Sunderland broke the world transfer record (at the time) to sign which Welsh striker from Aston Villa?

True Or False

6. Lee Cattermole's middle name is Barry.

7. Nyron Nosworthy has won two caps for Jamaica.

8. Sunderland have won more top flight titles than Tottenham & Manchester City combined.

9. Sunderland were the first team in English football to score 100 goals in a season.

10. Sheffield United handed us our biggest ever defeat, an 8-0 drubbing in 1911.

Multiple Choice

11. When Sunderland joined the football league in the 1890-91 season, who did they replace?

A) Stoke City B) Burnley C) Royal Engineers

12. Which of these players has made the most appearances for SAFC?

A) Richard Ord B) Gary Rowell C) Paul Bracewell

13. Apart from in 1992, which other year were Sunderland FA Cup Runners Up?

A) 1939 B) 1951 C) 1913

14. Which of these Sunderland legends scored the most goals for the club?

A) Charlie Hurley B) Kevin Ball C) Ian Porterfield

15. Which of these current players has the most international caps?

A) Sebastian Larsson B) Ahmed Elmohamady C) Craig Gordon

Who Am I? (Quickest gets the point)

I) I scored 50 goals for the club

II) My playing career lasted 21 years

III) My son is currently part of the youth team at Sunderland

IV) I played in the 1992 FA Cup Final

V) I played 349 times for SAFC between 1984 and 1995

Name The Player From Their Career Path (Permanent Clubs Only)...

17. Sunderland - Manchester City - St. Johnstone - Carlisle United - Darlington

18. Bradford City - WBA - Sunderland - Wolves - Sanfrecce Hiroshima - Motherwell - Walsall - Exeter City - Stafford Rangers

19. Sunderland - Coventry City - Derby County - Darlington - Burnley

20. Leeds United - Sheffield United - Sunderland

21. Crewe - Real Sociedad - Blackpool - Sunderland

Who's Santa?


Tie Breaker

An FA Cup replay against Derby County in 1933 lays claim to the highest ever attendance for a Sunderland game, but what was the attendance that day? (Nearest without going over takes the win!)


Well, hope you enjoyed playing. If there's something wrong blame various combinations of our own tiredness,, Wikipedia and related SAFC literature. Remember to come back for the answers at 5pm!

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