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Roker Rhymes: I Hope You All Enjoy The Festive Time

Have a festive time with our weekly Roker Rhyme.
Have a festive time with our weekly Roker Rhyme.

Well, it's nearly Christmas, and as a present to you all, I didn't get to see the match. What does that mean? WE ONLY WENT AND WON AWAY!

As the Martin O'Neill juggernaut collects speed, and we can forget about football until after the big man's been to all our houses (Santa, not Steve Bruce), I thought I'd leave you all with a Roker Rhymes Christmas special to see you through the festive season.

QPR eh, well, what the hell do we say?
It's just never boring, watching Sunderland play.
But jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way,
Oh what fun it is to see, the Black Cats win away.

And even Nick Bendtner scored, and looked a whole lot better,
Maybe a chat with O'Neill, had made his appetite all that much wetter.
And I'm more than happy to speculate, and throw up a little teaser,
That he looked so much hungrier tonight, thanks to him being denied when asking for pizza!

It looked for a while like we'd gone and, undone all our first half hard work,
When some crazy Sunderland defending, must have had Martin O'Neill going beserk.
But we're made of sterner stuff now, not so long ago we would have been beat,
Where as now with ten minutes left, we can hope for victory, rather than defeat.

Yes the Martin O'Neill revolution is upon us, and the future has begun to look bright,
The cloud of gloom we got used to, is finally leaving the Stadium of Light.
2011 was a crazy year, that gave us almost nothing to be happy about,
And we almost never had any wins, and were having a huge three points drought.

It was a shame that it had to come to it, that Bruce had to get the sack,
But we were all getting sick of losing, and we needed some good times back.
So Ellis did what was needed, and showed Mr Brucey the door,
And in came Mr Martin O'Neill, the guy that we had all hoped for.

Almost instantly everything changed, things are no longer the same,
We actually play for 90 minutes now, and don't just concede the game.
As soon as the first goal goes in, our manager makes positive changes,
And in two games, we've already scored winning late goals, in the final exchanges.

So merry Christmas to all of you Roker Reportees, I hope you have a wonderful time,
As that after the big day has been and gone, up the Premier League table we'll climb.
But now just tuck into mince pies, and enjoy the Christmas cheer,
And I'll raise a glass to you all, as I enjoy a festive French beer.

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