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Fan Focus: From One Report To Another, We Talk To QPR Report

Taarabt (centre), deserving of a start says our Fan Focus man Mike!
Taarabt (centre), deserving of a start says our Fan Focus man Mike!

Well it's time for Fan Focus, the feature in which we talk to a fan, writer, blogger, journalist who covers the opposition to get their thoughts and opinions headed into the game.

Today we're talking to Mike from the QPR site, QPR Report (which you can visit by clicking here) to find out what's happening down at Loftus Road.

We've got our concerns, but so do the Loftus Road faithful as suddenly survival seems a little more distant than once thought. We'll get to that below though, so be sure to read Mike's thoughts on QPR's season so far, how Anton Ferdinand's getting on, ticket prices and much more...

So QPR are back in the top flight, and doing alright it seems thus far from the outside. How have you been finding the step up?

Mike: A little easier than I feared would be the case in the summer. We're playing pretty well, but, we're not scoring. We're making defensive mistakes.

The bottom line is, the struggle for survival is very much under way (and in question).

Is survival still the goal or do you feel confident that's almost achieved and are looking higher?

Mike: Survival. Survival. Survival. If you'd asked a few weeks ago, we were more confident. But now, it's all about whether we'll stay up.

You've also got Anton Ferdinand in the team. He was well liked up here, how's he getting on?

Mike: He's a star. He's strengthened our team, and he's well liked.

There was a number of other fairly high-profile signings including Armand Traore, Joey Barton, Shaun Wright-Phillips, who are all accomplished Premier League players. Is there still improvements to be made in January?

Mike: Oh yes!. If we don't make several January signings, we're sunk. In defense. In midfield. In attack.

There was a lot of grumbling about ticket prices at QPR from all corners of the league over the summer. I know they've been reduced slightly, so is everything ok now there?

Mike: All new owners get a free shave, however in this case, the QPR fans very much appreciate new majority owner, Tony Fernandes. There were actually grumblings about the payback not being as much as promised, and so forth, but I'd say that's not a very strong argument. The test will be what happens next season, whatever division we're in!

Have you caught much of Sunderland this season, and what do you think of Martin O'Neill's appointment?

Mike: Unfortunately I have not caught too much of "Bank of England" Sunderland this season, however I do feel Martin O'Neill is an absolutely great appointment. If Neil Warnock had fallen under the proverbial bus, I'd have made O'Neill one of my top choices.

Looking ahead to our game, do you see an area of the Sunderland team which looks ripe to be exploited?

Mike: We just don't score goals - six at home all season. Plus we have injuries, but maybe, just maybe, we'll give Adel Taarabt a chance.

And conversely, where do you think Sunderland can do the most damage to the QPR side?

Mike: Our defense is weak, and we do make defensive blunders.

And finally, tell us how you think the match will go and give us a score prediction...

Mike: A rejuvenated Sunderland win 3-1. (But please don't have any of your players vandalize any cars in the Loftus Road environs!)


Thanks to Mike for his time answering our questions, and for more QPR related stuff head on over to QPR Report or follow along on Twitter @QPRReport

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