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Roker Rhymes: Spurs Away, Wasn't All Grey

Roker Rhymes Header
Roker Rhymes Header

So, Tottenham away... It's tricky to have a go at the lads for their performance, but at the same time, it highlights the fact that we rarely look like sticking the ball in the net.

Anyway, you aren't here to listen to my thoughts on the game, are you? You're here to get tucked into some lovely poetry on this cold Monday morning. So, without further ado, let's have ourselves a little Roker Rhyme.

This wasn't really one to lay any blame,
As we were defeated at White Hart Lane.
And it was clear to see, on my internet stream,
That Tottenham were just, a slightly better team.

As we all expected, the same team started,
And for over an hour, our defence never parted.
It was just one good shot, that beat Mr Westwood,
Although the scrambling Irishman, did all that he could.

Despite it being a good game, not much really took place,
But the game was played at an entertaining, and rather lively pace.
Unfortunately for us, Spurs had something we didn't have,
And that was a goal, from the right foot of Mr Pav.

Elsewhere, well Modric blazed over the miss of his life,
You know who would have scored that? Sandra, Harry's wife...
And we were let down by our inability to shoot,
If only the ball had fallen to Colback's left boot.

Wickham picked up a knock, but Martin says it isn't too bad,
So at least there is that, of which we can be glad.
And when you look at the bigger picture, and realise Spurs sit up in third,
We should be proud of our performance, and let our voices be heard...

As we travel back to the capital, on this Wednesday night,
Hoping that at QPR, our frontmen get it right.
The hosts were poor yesterday, gave United chance after chance,
I could see they were there for the taking, from over here in France.

So let's go there and attack them, and GET MEN IN THE BOX,
Forget about playing Bendtner, play Noble, the little fox.
Let him show what he can do, perhaps up top with Connor,
As we fight for a vital three points, as well as pride and honour.

So come on, haway the lads, we've got the skills to pay this bill,
And wouldn't it be lovely, if it provided some Christmas thrill?
Yes it could be a tough game, and it's certainly not a banker,
But how we'd all love to take three points, from QPR - and Colin W*nker.

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