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The Week That Was - All Your SAFC v Spurs Build-Up, And More!


Howdy partner, here's our little round-up of everything that's happened on this very site this week, including plenty of build-up to the Sunday clash with Spurs, and a few other bits and bobs. So we'll get started with your essential links to get yourself built up for tomorrow...

  • Cult Heroes: In which David Boyle takes a look at a well loved player who played for both us and the opposition, this week the Boylemaster General cast his heroic eye upon Steed Malbranque. A worthy entry to the hall of fame I feel. Go on, give it a read by CLICKING HERE
  • Podcast: If you're quite frankly sick of reading us, or reading in general, just listen as we talk about Blackburn, Spurs, Christmas, Pizza and more in Episode 37 of the Roker Report Podcast. Find all sorts of ways to listen by CLICKING HERE
  • Preview: Ok, you want some top notch preview action with team news from both sides? Some betting tips? Some music? Some predictions? Look no further, we've got everything you could want right here! Come have a read of our Spurs preview by CLICKING HERE
  • Fan Focus: In which every week we speak to a fan/writer/blogger who covers the opposition to give us the low-down on their team. This week from the excellently titled "You'll Win Nothing With Yids" we had Jack McInroy spill his brains on Sunday's match and all things Spurs. Give it a read by CLICKING HERE

So that's all your build-up to Spurs. I think there's pretty much every angle covered as far as build-up to the Spurs game goes. Now here's what else we've been up to...

Starting out on Monday, Michael Graham had a bit of a problem. Used to moaning and groaning in the Talking Tactics feature, he actually had to dish out some praise and credit this week following a well deserved win over Blackburn Rovers. A very interesting look at how Martin O'Neill has changed things in just a week, so go have a look.

Click Here To Read Talking Tactics

Roker Rhymes had been temporarily canned whilst we suffered one soul-crushing defeat after another, simply due to the fact we feared for Dan Williams' own sanity. Now we've a new manager at the helm, and a win to talk about, we brought it and him out of hibernation. So if you fancy getting poetic, give this a read.

Click Here To Read Roker Rhymes

On Tuesday we like to have a bit of a ramble about things away from the Stadium Of Light, and this week was my turn to do so. This week I've been a little disgruntled about the reduction in Wayne Rooney's ban, so I spilled it out all over your screen. I'm sure you want to read one fat angry man writing about another, so click the link below.

Click Here To Read The Roker Ramble

After weeks of moaning about how everyone's doing it wrong, Michael Graham was given the opportunity to take on our weekly Top Ten. He chose the subject "Flashes In The Pan"... SO if you want to have a read of that, and perhaps tell him he's wrong (let's not stroke that ego by saying he's in the main, right... oh shhhiii) then you can follow this link...

Click Here To Read The Top Ten "Flashes In The Pan"

It's been a while since we heard anything from our beloved club mascots Samson & Delilah. If you were not aware, they keep a little diary for us and David Boyle checked in with them to see just what's happening "Behind Closed Doors" in a feature of the same name. Here it is...

Click Here To Read Behind Closed Doors

Swiftly on Wednesday this was followed with some controversy, in the massive bulbous shape of Emile Heskey. While he's still attempting to play football and Martin O'Neill who's managed him twice is at the helm of our club, plus the fact we need a striker, there's an omnipresent danger he'll one day land at the Stadium Of Light. Dan Williams looks at the Pro's (there is some) and the (considerable) Con's of any such event...

Click Here To Read The Case For Emile Heskey

And that'll just about do you for a week on Roker Report. There'll be our latest Durham Times column over the weekend, plus a match report from Spurs shortly after the final whistle on Sunday, so be sure to stick around.

Of course we're here to plug stuff too, and we're continuing to do ourselves for a bit as we've got a cracking offer for you this Christmas. I'm sure you're all wanting to read Dennis Tueart's exceptional autobiography, so use THIS LINK and enter the code "ROKER" at the checkout to get A SIGNED COPY for just £15! Bargain.

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