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Fan Focus: Getting The Spurs Slant From Jack McInroy

Benoit Assou-Ekotto - Odd hair, odd boots, great player though and one of Spurs' unsung heroes says our Fan Focuser.
Benoit Assou-Ekotto - Odd hair, odd boots, great player though and one of Spurs' unsung heroes says our Fan Focuser.

It's time to get the lowdown on the opposition from those who know best (their fans) in another delicious edition of Fan Focus.

This week we're delighted to be joined by Jack McInroy from the best Spurs site's, and perhaps one of the best named blogs out there - "You'll Win Nothing With Yids" - Who are well worth checking out on a regular basis, and following on Twitter @Yids.

Jack, who's also written for ITV, STV and Who Ate All The Pies had our questions thrust in his face, and he was polite enough to answer, so here's how it all went...

It seems that this season is going rather well for you down at White Hart Lane. Do you feel you're exceeding expectation or bang on target?

Jack: There was a poll on Sky Sports News at the start of the season asking who'd win the Premier League. There were 5 teams to choose from, but Tottenham weren't one. I don't think we'll go on to win the league, but it was foolish of people to assume Liverpool had leapfrogged us and that we couldn't trouble Arsenal and Chelsea.

Since transfer deadline day I think we've looked every inch a top three or four side and I'm not surprised by our great run of form. The target is definitely Champions League qualification, which is looking good at the moment, but there's a long way to go.

We all know about the likes of Luka Modric, Gareth Bale and so forth when it comes to Spurs, but give us your unsung hero of the season thus far...

Jack: To do as well as we're doing you need everyone playing well and everyone has been. The new signings, such as Emmanuel Adebayor, Scott Parker and Brad Friedel, have made a huge impact, giving us strength, experience and leadership, and Ledley King's presence in the team cannot be overestimated.

In terms of unsung heroes Benoit Assou-Ekotto and Aaron Lennon continue to be underrated by a huge chunk of non-Spurs fans.

Recently Harry Redknapp expressed some delight at being out of the Europa League. Do you believe him? And as a team that dreams of one day being in it, is it as much of a hindrance as is made out?

Jack: While the Champions League is the promised land to every top flight club side in Europe, the Europa League can be so many things. It's a distraction. We would have had to play seventeen games to win the competition, which would inevitably have had an impact on our league form.

Harry Redknapp has always been open about his attitude toward the competition and his team selection has born this out. Van der Vaart wasn't even included in the squad. We tried to get scrape through playing the youngsters and it almost worked.

For a club like Sunderland, and I mean no disrespect by this as we were in a similar position for several years, the Europa League can be glamorous and breaks up the monotomy of mid-table domestic football. Having tasted the prestige of the Champions League I'm less and enthusiastic and my lofty dreams of Tottenham winning titles can only come true if we first secure regular Champions League qualification to attract the best players rather than the instant gratification of doing well in the Europa League.

Moving to the Olympic Stadium - Yes, no? What's the latest and do you even want to move from a quite historic ground to such a soulless environment?

Jack: I hadn't realised I was such a purist until the Stratford debacle. A football club is defined by its geographic roots and it was unethical for Tottenham Hotspur PLC to even entertain the idea of moving out of the area. I'd rather be a small club with integrity than a rich and successful one without.

(Jack's also written a great article on the subject on his own site HERE)

Defeat last time out against Stoke City saw some vitriol towards Chris Hoy. I've never liked that Olympic medal winning, Shredded Wheat munching bastard either...

Jack: It's good to be reminded that a decent percentage of your own fans are morons just like every other club. Chris Foy made a number of atrocious decisions last week, but it's difficult for him when Stoke City go into matches with an agenda to cheat all the way through. The referee is going to miss some of the handballs and the pulls and pushes. Last week Foy missed them all!

On to the more serious matters though, what have you made of Sunderland this season, and do you think Martin O'Neill is a good appointment?

Jack: I must admit I haven't seen Sunderland play yet this season, but ousting Steve Bruce and getting Martin O'Neill in is great for the club. Bruce is a manger that's been managing above his ability level for years and Sunderland were going nowhere fast. Conversely Martin O'Neill has done a fine job wherever he's been and even though he walked away from Aston Villa, if things go right behind the scenes, he could lead Sunderland back to the top seven.

Is there an area of the pitch where you think we can give Spurs some serious problems?

Jack: All the most exciting Sunderland players of the last few years have gone. The likes of Darren Bent, Asomoah Gyan, Kenwyne Jones and Danny Welbeck made Sunderland a dangerous prospect, but the team that Bruce left, judging from Match of the Day highlights anyway, is pretty mediocre.

Conversely, what match-up in particular do you think will give us the most problems? Where do you fancy your chances...

Jack: Ledley King is injured, Michael Dawson is still out, Younes Kaboul is suspended, which leaves Spurs with Sebastien Bassong and a still rusty William Gallas in the centre of defence. The question is whether Sunderland can capitalise on that fragility.

And lastly mate, what's your prediction for how the game will go and a score...

Jack: They way we've played in the last three months I can't see anything other than a Spurs win, but I thought that last year and we only got a draw. I'll go with a 3-0 pasting.


Many thanks to Jack, and be sure to head on over to for all your Tottenham Hotspur news, views and opinion, as well as following on Twitter @Yids

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