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Roker Rhymes: Welcome To Sunderland, Martin O'Neill

Roker Rhymes Header
Roker Rhymes Header

Well, finally. Remember me saying that I hadn't actually seen Sunderland win this season for one reason or another? Well the curse is broken!

Of course, we had the match report and Talking Tactics for you to get all the details of that, so I'll just jump straight into my bit of poetry, shall I?

The wait was over, and how good did it feel,
To welcome to Sunderland, Mr Martin O'Neill?
The roar went up, our new boss was here,
And away with him dripped, all of our fear.

Things didn't go, initially to plan,
As our left-back Phil Bardsley, lost his man.
Samba smashed a shot in, Westwood could only parry,
Some bloke with a mask on, kick-started Blackburn's tally.

The first half was poor, you have to admit,
And just like before, we were... well... a bit sh!t.
And it could have been more, thank god we were let off,
As on second showing, the 'foul' on Westwood was soft.

But as the second half started, and we got into our game,
We were totally on top, although Rovers fans will blame.
Their manager's tactics, as in the relegation race,
His totally negativity, was a bit of a disgrace.

Time was ticking down, and we still couldn't score,
Our fans were all left, just begging for more.
So O'Neill did the business, and sent on McClean,
And for the next 20 minutes, his debut was a dream.

But it wasn't the Irish winger, who won us the tie,
We won thanks to two goals, that could bring a tear to the eye.
David Vaughan will have never, hit the ball so well,
As he lashed home a volley, and gave that pigskin hell.

That was it then, we were dying for more,
Desperate for Sunderland, a winner to score.
Step up the man, with his eyes perfect blue,
And a beautiful right foot, and, well, nice hair too.

Our super Swede Larsson, swung one over the wall,
As Paul Robinson, could only watch the ball.
Fly past him into the corner, the SOL it went mad,
The roof it came off, of Seb's foot we're so glad.

So onwards we march now, with our new Irish boss,
Who gave us a win, no discussing a loss.
Fingers crossed for the future, let's all stick together,
And support the lads home and way, through the cold winter weather.

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