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The Week That Was - Blackburn Rovers Build-Up & More!

The Week That Was Header
The Week That Was Header

What up mother-hubbards, time to provide you with all the links you need to get up for the Blackburn Rovers game tomorrow and show you just what else we've been up to. This regular article has been passed around a fair bit, but Daddy's here to show everyone how it's supposed to be done. Also I forgot to tell anyone else to do it.

So, you want Blackburn build-up? Do you? Do you REALLY? Well here...

  • Cult Heroes: Cult Heroes came along to remind you all of the glory of a former player. Chris Weatherspoon stepped up to the mark this week to tell us all about football and sex-enthusiast, Dwight Yorke. Do you want to read about Dwight? Then just CLICK HERE. It's that easy.
  • Preview: David Boyle provided the preview with all his usual excitement and wide-eyed-ness as only he can. The idea I have in my head is some sort of over-enthusiastic labrador. Anyway, I know you're looking for team news, betting stuff, music, and predictions, so look no bloody further than HERE.
  • Fan Focus: There's also Fan Focus, in which we get a fan or someone who just generally knows about the opposition to talk about them, tell us what's going on and all that. This week we had the pleasure of speaking to Dan Clough from the Lancashire Times. CLICK HERE to see what he said.
  • Podcast: And of course there's the podcast, in which three fools witter on about Sunderland. Not a vintage podcast, but a solid 7/10. Be sure to have a listen, see the potential and subscribe for the future. CLICK HERE TO DO THAT.

And that's that. You see, you put all the preview stuff at the top, 'cos that's what people are looking for. Now, because you've been so impressed with the above, here's some other stuff we've bored on about this week...

On Monday, we like to give the previous week's game a good going over in Talking Tactics. Michael Graham did that this week, and in stead of just laying the blame at everyone, everything, Steve Bruce, the weather, it's that time of the month... whatever he usually finds to blame, this week he just went for the fact some players aren't very good.

Click Here to read the blame game that is Talking Tactics

We also had a neat little extract from Dennis Tueart's book "My Football Journey" where he talked us through the epic 1973 win over Manchester City in the FA Cup that year. A great story, and if you want more we've a mighty fine special offer for you. Get on it.

Click Here to read about the 1973 FA Cup Win over Manchester City

On the Tuesday, David Boyle shoved his face into both football and religious pies and came out with some sort of lucid idea that both are the same thing. Does this make sense? No, not really, but it's an interesting read from an interesting fella.

Click Here for Football As A Religion

Michael Graham is quite chummy with local author and SAFC historian extraordinaire Mark Metcalf. Mark's written some outstanding books, and following the Charlie Hurley story last week, he's given us some pieces about Stan Anderson, "The Captain Of The North"... If you like them, buy the book. It's ace.

Stan Anderson Extravaganza Part One
Stan Anderson Extravaganza Part Two
Stan Anderson Extravaganza Part Three

We also had a top ten, even if it was a trifle late. I stepped up this week and I'm running with the mantra "no news is good news"... Or rather that should be no comments anyway. So this Top Ten. It's about Northern Irish players to have played for us given the homeland of our new manager, so why not give it a read...

Click Here for the Top Ten Northern Irish Connections

Now then, we all think we know a bit about Martin O'Neill. Clever, likes SAFC, jumps around a lot etc. Well I wanted to know more so I spoke to friends and writers who cover or support all the teams where O'Neill has managed to give some comprehensive opinion on the man. We've views from Wycombe to Villa and everyone in between, so crack on with this epic read...

Click Here to read "How was it for you?"

And to finish off the week, because he simply couldn't stay away, Captains Blog by Michael Graham. It's here, he's talking about O'Neill, let the gushing ensue... I joke, it's quite a good read about expectations and how it's nice to feel involved again. One to warm the cockles.

Click Here to read Captains Blog

And that's it. That's how it's done.

With Christmas coming and everyone super busy, I'm just going to recommend you head to this website (not any other) - Vision Sports Publishing - And buy yourself a copy of Dennis Tueart's book. Not only that, but that link is for signed copies, and you get £3.99 off AS WELL if you enter the code "ROKER" at the checkout. Do it.

Or if you've already got one, Dennis will be found today in Waterstones, Sunderland at 11am signing copies. Or head on up to The Metrocentre and find him in WH Smiths at 3pm signing copies. Or indeed get to the match plenty early tomorrow, go to the club shop and find him signing copies of the book and generally being a gentleman from 11:30am onwards.

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