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A Love Supreme Get Some New Columnists... Us!


Well we've come quite a way since starting out back in December 2010 as just one frustrated man in his living room bashing out thoughts of which he assumed nobody would be interested in, and no doubt there's still some people who aren't interested.

Luckily, I drafted other people in, The Roker Reporters you know and love to this day, plus Michael Graham. I've been delighted with the growth of this place, including mentions in three national newspapers, two awards nominations and of course our very own column in The Durham Times (out every Friday, buy it, read it)... and now yet another string to our bow, and perhaps the biggest coup of all, our own column in Sunderland's most established, most read, and best looking fanzine, A Love Supreme.

Yes, the fanzine which has slayed all contenders and pretenders over the years has kindly asked The Roker Report to provide our views each and every month, and I must say, I really can't hide my delight having grown up reading it and for a while selling it.

Martyn McFadden said: "We're delighted to be working alongside Roker Report and as such have offered them a regular column in A Love Supreme magazine. I've just recently discovered RR myself, but I think the quality of writing on their website is excellent. Like many SAFC based journalists, Roker Report's editor, Simon Walsh, cut his teeth at ALS and so it's nice to catch up and help each other out."

The editor of the eight times UK Fanzine of the Year added: "For the last 23 years our main aim has been to produce quality SAFC based fan literature for the supporters to enjoy. They say it's all about opinions, so in the same way as way as we have shared the Sunderland Message Board (SMB) with Ready To Go for many years, I'm sure we can work together with Roker Report to provide more outlets for Sunderland fans to air their views"

You can actually catch your first glimpse of our new column in Issue 206, which will be out a week on Thursday. If you want to subscribe to ALS, and I'm quite sure that you do if you shamefully aren't already by heading right here - A Love Supreme Subscriptions

Plus of course there's A Love Supreme's own website, which is well worthy over everyone's attention (when you're not here of course!) - A Love Supreme's Website

The all-conquering behemoth's of The Roker Report and A Love Supreme continue...

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