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Roker Rhymes: Off We Went, To United Away, Trying To Spoil, Sir Alex's Big Day

Roker Rhymes Header
Roker Rhymes Header

So, Manchester United eh?

None of us really hoped that we were going to win this one, not really anyway. It's a bit of an opinion splitter, as I've read a lot of stuff about us battling throughout and being unlucky, personally that's not entirely how I saw it, but I'll save those views for the podcast.

Anyway. I'm muttering again, let's crack straight on with some poetry, shall we?

Off we went to Old Trafford, to take on United away,
And hopefully do all that we could, to spoil Sir Alex's big day.
Brucey surprised a lot of us, when he stuck to men up top,
But unfortunately for him and us, his bubble was soon to pop.

It seemed like a nothing tackle, with only seconds of the game gone,
When Wickham went down clutching his knee, let's hope he's not out for long.
So instead we put our hopes in Ji, let our Korean frontman in on the fun,
But I think it became clear, that he's got potential - but he's still far from done.

For me the match was turgid, and pretty boring really throughout,
We just seemed to let United play round us, didn't exhibit any of our own clout.
Ji worked hard and Colback tried his best, but bad decisions cost us dear,
And when Welbeck's header his Wes Brown and went in, the result already seemed quite clear.

There were talking points of course, like Westwood's double save,
To keep out the first effort was impressive, reviews for the second should be rave.
Then there was the penalty that wasn't, a strange situation all round,
But were we really going to get that spot kick, on that day? At that ground?

So off we go on an international break again, at least we don't lose for a week,
We're only a point about the relegation zone, things once again look bleak.
I just hope that after a week off, we come back and have been inspired,
So that we can enjoy our football again, and not think about the boss getting fired.

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