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The Roker Report Podcast: Episode 31 - Graham Vs The World

Download Episode 31 of The Roker Report Podcast today!
Download Episode 31 of The Roker Report Podcast today!

Hello media-savvy-SAFC-loving-listener type people! Episode 31 of our delicious little podcast is ready for you to get listening to!

On the show this week with your esteemed host Simon Walsh was the happy-go-lucky David Boyle, and eternal misery, Michael Graham (just kidding (or am I?)).

A variety of topics discussed this week, so here's just a few of them for you...

  • Nyron's Hell is over.
  • The Villa game and it's complete pointlessness.
  • Manchester United and how to beat them, or rather how many they're going to beat us by.
  • Strictly Come Dancing... No, seriously.
  • Titus gets a reprieve.
  • Michael insults everyone.

No doubt plenty more cherries to adorn that cake, but to be honest it all escapes me right now, it's been a long day. I'm sure you're wondering how you can download this aural magic at this point, so let us refresh you...

Get subscribed on iTunes by heading to this link - - It's probably the easiest, way so why not give it a bash.

If however you're not into that sort of thing, it's all good, don't worry homie, we've got something for you. Head on over to the direct link - - and get yourself the MP3 file to do with as you please.

Thank you for downloading, enjoying (possibly) and spreading the word (again, possibly).

NB: Yes, there is a few sound issues. We're sorry, these things happen.

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