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Fan Focus: Cottagers Comment From The Hammy End

Martin Jol: Shrewd in the transfer market.
Martin Jol: Shrewd in the transfer market.

Well everyone, it's Fan Focus time again where we speak to fans, experts and bloggers about their own team, and letting us know how they think our weekly encounters will go.

This week, we had the pleasure of speaking with Nick Bylund of Fulham's premiere blog, Hammy End (which you can visit here) Nick was kind enough to answer our questions on all things Fulham, so be sure to check them out and give them a follow on Twitter too for the latest happenings from The Cottage - @HammyEnd

So, let's hand over the floor to Nick to us all about the Cottagers...

So then, we'll start as we always do... how's things going so far this season?

Nick: Well, in terms of results outside of the Europa League we're underperforming. Having said that we've played Spurs, Everton and Manchester City off the pitch with nothing more than 1 point to show for it, so I guess we're on to something if our players just can learn to find the net.

Martin Jol now at the helm, happy with the appointment still and what, if anything going differently?

Nick: I'm still very happy and willing to give him time. Some very shrewd signings so far, and I think we are improving. Seems like some of our older players have harder to accept and adopt to the way Jol want us to play than the young guns.

A few new names in the squad who most of us won't really know about such as Kasami, Gecov, Frei and no doubt others I've forgotten at the moment. What are they like?

Nick: Most of the new guys have impressed me, especially young Frei has taken his chances so far. Kasami (signed from Palermo) will come good and had had a few really impressive performances despite the fact that he has missed a few sitters and a penalty so far. Only seen Gecov once, but he looked class.

The ones you are missing are Grygera (who is out for 6 moths) who has been our best signing under Jol. Bryan Ruiz was the £10 million guy we had to fight off Newcastle in order to sign. Bryan has showed us what he can do by scoring the goal of the season (so far), but still has a lot to show in order to justify the price tag. We also signed Orlando Sa on a free from Portugal, nobody seems really sure what he can bring to the table yet.

Fulham aren't noted for their away form, but you battered us last time. How do you think the game's going to go?

Nick: You're right, we certainly don't travel well and never really have since getting back into the top flight. Having said that, we're quite hard to beat so I'd say we're in for a draw. Two all maybe?

Do you see any particular part of the Sunderland side you think you can really get at us?

Nick: Haven't seen too much of your games so far this season to really say, but I guess if we can get our wingers to deliver that might be key in order to push you back and apply some pressure in the box.

Similarly, is there a match-up on the pitch where you're worried we'll get the better of Fulham?

Nick: I worry a lot about our right side defensively as we'll surely miss Grygera in defence. If Senderos and/or Hughes are fit to play we can use Chris Baird on the right if not we'll have to settle for Kelly. Although Kelly was really good versus Spurs he's not been very consistent.

And lastly mate, what's your score prediction?

Nick: As above, 2-2 would be my predition!

Many thanks to Nick, and Hammy End for chatting with us. As pointed out above, go visit them any time you want to know about Fulham, I know I do! ...

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