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The Roker Report Make ALS Debut Today!

Ooof, Exciting! Go buy it today!
Ooof, Exciting! Go buy it today!

Today ladies and gents Issue 206 of SAFC's longest-running, award-winning and best-selling magazine hits the shelves. Not that big a deal? Well it is for us, as it's in this issue where you'll find the first of many Roker Report columns.

We'll be taking it in turns among Team RR to do write the column, much like we do with our column in the Durham Times. Chris Weatherspoon was given first crack at things, and chose to look at the forthcoming January transfer window, and what impact it could have on us this time around.

Our neighbours from up the road have shown, at least so far this season, the benefits of effective scouting abroad. While uncovering a hidden gem is much more fanciful than it is realistic, a sensible transfer policy may well be to venture abroad, where prices are lower and competition not quite so fierce. A brief perusal of Europe's leading scorers thus far throws up a whole host of names, some that could possibly come to ply their trade on Wearside.

That's just a snippet, you'll have to have a little look at the rest yourself by picking up a copy from one of the many, many newsagents, subscribe online (which you can do HERE) or you'll see folks selling it around the ground against Fulham.

If our musings aren't enough to tempt you, there's plenty of other good stuff in there. There's interviews with some top names including 1973 cup winner Dennis Tueart, all-round legend Gary Bennett, big bad Billy Whitehurst and ALS-seller-turned-actual-proper-journo Jonathan Wilson.

South Stand issues are addressed, Football selling it's soul, and a whole load more. So make sure you pick up a copy. In shops, online (clicky), and around the ground. You can't miss it, and you won't regret it.

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