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My First Game #4 - Sunderland 3-2 Charlton Athletic, 2001

You can get involved with this feature, so why not get in touch?
You can get involved with this feature, so why not get in touch?

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the occasional feature, My First Game. In which of course you the public get to write all about your first game for the world to see.

If you want to write one for us, whether your first game was last week or the 1930's, we we really don't mind as it's all about the experience you had which can resonate with everyone else. So, if you want to write one, send a minimum of 500 words on the subject (max: whatever you want) to rokerreport [at] gmail [dot] com and we'll find room for it.

Someone who did just that is Martin Wigham. Remember the name, he might be famous one day as he's currently enrolled in the Gala Theatre Stage School and looking to make it big. On Saturdays however you'll find Martin along with his Dad and his Sister in the North East Corner cheering the lads on. Feel free to follow him on Twitter too - @TheOneMWig

Now Martin, the floor is yours...

I can still remember being young, enjoying all the trips in the car wherever. Coming up from Beverley, where I came from, I saw my grandparents every two months. This one particular journey however resulted in my granddad taking me for a trip to Sunderland. We went into this little building which I thought was considerably smaller to the massive neighbour it had. This small building turned out to be the ticket office to which I can remember my granddad ordering my ticket for the Charlton game. At the age of 7 and just beginning to get into football to hear my granddad getting my first ticket will be a fond memory.

After I had my ticket it was all I could talk about. I couldn't wait to see the mighty Quinn and SuperKev in the flesh. Even Kevin Kilbane (he scored the week before so he was my favourite). So to enter this huge red arena fascinated me. I went to my seat and the noise and the buzz around the place hit me. I couldn't get over what I was seeing. The match started with some singing and fireworks of the red and white variety greeting the players. I, being scared of fireworks at the time, was terrified of what was to come. The match kicked off to possibly the loudest noise I've ever heard. It was almost as if a volcano had erupted nearby, it was almost as if... well you get the point. It was loud. From what I can remember Sunderland were the better team and Kevin Kilbane (Not so super Kev) scored to make it 1-0. Everybody around me jumped up in ecstasy, including my dad and granddad. I didn't have a clue what had happened. I just sat there hoping the idiots jumping and shouting in front of me would sit down so I could watch a game of football.

The game progressed and Charlton equalised and all I can remember is the goalkeeper (Sorensen?) standing there as the ball flew past him. However Niall Quinn made it 2-1 and again the idiots in front spoiled my view of the pitch and I had to wonder what happened to my dad who was jumping around like an idiot. Eventually though my dad though taught me what to do and I got used to it. Just in time to see my hero SuperKev pop up with the third. An absolutely perfect day for me, my 3 (yes Kilbane was at the time) players scored and, bar a second Charlton goal, a great 3 points for what was now my team! However one thing my dad did after this game will ring true. ‘Hey it looks easy being a Sunderland fan Dad.' He shook his head and laughed.

Many thanks to Martin, and remember readers, send your own in to the address above and we'll find a home for it.

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