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The Roker Report Podcast: Episode 27 – Does Dave Believe In Life After Love?


Good morning ladies and gents, and welcome along to Episode 27 of your favourite Sunderland AFC listening, the Roker Report podcast.

Simon Walsh is still on holiday, so you have Dan Williams in the host’s chair again, but worry not, Daddy’s back next week.

On the show this week we discussed…

  • Changes at the top – Ellis and Niall
  • Fifa 12 & El-Moo-Ha-Moody
  • Fantasy Football update! - You're good, we're rubbish.
  • West Brom discussed at length
  • Everything that we could think of when it comes to Mr Bruce 

And then Dave went AWOL, so check out the song, in his memory at the end. Didn’t think we’d ever finish like that, I can say that with 100% conviction.

You can grab the show on iTunes by searching for Roker Report Podcast or something like that, or to save the bother go to this link -

Or for those who aren’t iTunes fans/users you can grab the MP3 file from

Or  even get it on Stitcher, a FREE app for ALL mobile devices, where you can stream Podcasts while you do other stuff and create your own radio station. Not too shabby - Visit for more.

Enjoy the show everyone and spread the word far and wide!

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