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Roker Rhymes: Three Points? Eh?

Roker Rhymes Header
Roker Rhymes Header

Well, I can't lie, I'm a little confused. It's so long since I've seen a win that I've forgotten what to do on here and be happy about it.

I'm certainly willing to give it a go though. There's also something of a revelation hidden in my lines of lexis, and it might convince you that I should never watch another Sunderland game in my lifetime.

I finally get to do it, to be happy that we have won,
And we're no longer down about losing, we can finally have some fun.
And it's all a big case of sod's law, for me anyway - if not you,
As I didn't see the game this weekend, yep I missed it - that much is true.

It was one of those horrible moments, when your afternoon is commandeered by the wife,
That leaves you sitting wondering, if you made the right choices in life.
When you're spending your afternoon out, rather than at home, on the internet, and in,
And you miss your team remember, that they're actually allowed to win.

So that's two games I've missed this season, and that's why I shouldn't see any more,
As my non-watching of our games, seems to encourage Nick Bendtner to score.
Yup, I missed the Stoke game, as we played the best we have all year,
And then I missed this weekend, when we had something else to cheer.

I've often speculated that I'm a curse, on these very pages of rhyme,
And it might be for the good of the cause, if I miss games all the time.
Although it makes life a little difficult, to talk about how we did,
If the best thing that Sunderland could do, is to of me get rid.

Well this weekend from what I've read, we had a cracking half,
With Big Nick and Sess on the score sheet, we won away? You're having a laugh. *read in a posh voice*
So let's hope we keep this going, as we've a week with no anger to vent,
And we can save it all for Saturday, and the return of Darren B£nt.

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