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Revamped Roker Report Shop Now Online

Those of you who were there at the beginning might remember we sold some t-shirts for a bit. Then all of a sudden the shop just disappeared. Well after a lengthy lay-off it's finally back.

We shut the shop after a while as it seemed pretty much anyone who was going to buy something did, and those of you who actually did, we thank you very much indeed.

Since then we've been busy conjuring up some new shirts, giving the shop a bit of a revamp with some new designs for you to choose from. We've kept prices as low as we can too in order to give you a good deal.

Here's a sneak peek at some of the designs on offer...

P-o-t-y-tee-mens_design_medium    I-heart-dong-tee-womens_design_medium

You could announce yourself as Player Of The Season, or show your love for our Korean sensation Ji Dong-Won. There's also other player related t-shirts and hoodies available.

Toodles-tee-mens_design_medium    All-fart-tee-mens_design_medium

We've said some weird stuff on our Podcast (which you can download HERE by the way) and now it's been immortalized in a few t-shirts. Your friends will be envious, I'm sure of it.

Sexy-hoodie-unisex_design_medium    Bolo-dance-tee-womens_design_medium

And of course, we've kept some of the bigger selling top from our previous collection, so be sure to have a good browse around the shop.

If you don't see anything you like, or you have an idea then get in touch. We couldn't be bothered to make every design into every type of top, but there's loads available from hoodies to baby bibs, underpants and umbrellas. If you've something you want, let us know and we'll sort you out.

There'll be further additions to the shop as and when we feel creative, but until then, please buy stuff!


For further reference, you'll see a link on the left hand side of the site there which says "Visit Our Shop"... You can click that to, well, visit the shop.

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