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The Roker Report Podcast: Episode 29 - A Letter From America

Download the latest podcast now!
Download the latest podcast now!

Hello Roker Report Podcast fans, and virgins alike, to another thrilling installment of the No.1 fan produced SAFC related podcast. A dubious title, but one we're hellbent on keeping.

This week on the show, well quite frankly we lost the plot quicker than Steve Bruce. Simon Walsh was joined by David Boyle and Dan Williams on this bizarre journey.

Here's the selected highlights...

  • Actual analysis of Arsenal
  • Actual previews of Bolton
  • Sports Films
  • Dave gets a letter from "Ellis Short"
  • General merriment

Dan was due to sing us out with a rendition of Wise Men Say, however he's too late and going to do it next week, if indeed you want to tune in or out then.

Anyway, if you want some of this stellar aural pleasure, then use one of these links...

Subscribe to the show on iTunes. It's dead easy, so just follow this link. Or just try one episode, it's completely up to you...

We're also available directly from our hosting service too. Head to and download the MP3 file to anything you want.

Thanks very much everyone, keep listening, spreading the word and just like our beloved team, we'll try better next week.


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