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The Week That Was - Arsenal Build Up & Much More!

Your weekly digest of all things SAFC and the best articles from around the internet...
Your weekly digest of all things SAFC and the best articles from around the internet...

Redemption [re-demp-shun] - noun

1. an act of redeeming or the state of being redeemed.

2. atonement for guilt.

I'll explain all soon enough, and you'll understand why I am begging for a bit of understanding and forgiveness, however, in the meantime, here's what's been going on in Roker Report Towers this week, and our pick of the best of the rest from around the interweb.

We'll start with the build-up to the Arsenal game on Sunday. Here's your essential links...

  • Preview: In here you 'll find all the betting, some tunes, the team news and more from both sides of the ball. Lots going on, so come have a read - CLICK HERE
  • Fan Focus: This week we had the pleasure of speaking with Adrian Clarke. Expert summariser on as well as host of the excellent Red, White & Blue Podcast. Oh, and he used to play for the Gunners too - CLICK HERE
  • Cult Heroes: This week's cult hero who played for both is perhaps the epitome of cult heroness, a certain Steve Bould, who's short-lived SAFC career is fondly remembered. David Boyle provides the words - CLICK HERE
  • Podcast: On the podcast this week, plenty of rumbling and grumbling about SAFC, and of course masses of build-up to SAFC v Arsenal. If you want to subscribe, here's loads of ways to do so - CLICK HERE

And now for the best of the rest, as mentioned above...

Mr Weatherspoon kicked things off this week with Talking Tactics as ever, but with no match to talk about last weekend, he had a look at our season so far as a whole. Great reading, despite the fact that it just highlights how poor we are.

Click here to read Talking Tactics

Then I rolled into town with my weekly poetic take on the world. Again, no match to look at, so it was time for a bit of shameless self-promotion for the site, and it became a round-up of everything that we do here on the good ship Roker Report. I even got a positive comment on it, which may well be a first.

Click here to this week's Roker Rhymes

Tuesday morning is, of course, Mr Boyle's Top 10. It's also the time of the week where everyone tells him that he is wrong. As ever, plenty of people were happy to argue with him. Get yourself along to see if you agree with him, or feel free to do what everyone else does, and explain why he's wrong.

Do you want to add to the 21 comments already on here? Get yourself over then..

Then the boss man made his long-awaited comeback after spending a week poncing around France, sipping wine and riding bikes, and he was taking a look at what's going on with all the TV rights and all that malarkey.

Roker Ramble? Yes please!

Now if you don't know what comes on a Wednesday morning by now, you obviously don't pay enough attention. Actually, get yourself on that Roker Rhyme, that'll explain it to you. I digress. Wednesday is of course when The Captain has his chance to voice his considerable opinion, and this week he was having a look at our management situation, asking whether Martin O'Neill might be the man for the job.

It's only Captain's bloody Blog! A quick clickety click here will take you there.

So, there were internationals and that during the week. Bad times for Scotland, who got taken apart by Spain, and of course our own 'Scot', McBardo was playing in that one. As we always do, we had a look at how he, and the rest of our lads, did in midweek.

Do you like international football? Does it even matter? PRESS HERE NOW!

To complete a busy Wednesday, we went off in search of an outsider's opinion of our club again for Dropping the Gloves. This week it was the turn of Soccerlens' Ahmed Bilal.

Click here to find out his thoughts on SAFC

We then had more stuff from you guys. We love it when you get involved with the site, and here, Victor Brown tells us of his first-ever Sunderland match back in 1949.

Read this. And then imagine how much fun it must have been having to watch the lads for so many years.


Right, that's all that we've been up to, now let's have a look around the web and see what we can see, shall we?

First up, it would be a crime to not mention @iainmacintosh and his fantastic response to Ian Ayre's Liverpool comments for In Bed With Maradona. I can't do it justice by just talking about it, go get it read.

This is just brilliant. I beg you to read it.

Next up, those splendid chaps at French Football Weekly are running a competition and giving away a football shirt. You don't have long left to enter, so get over there now!


Then finally, this is where my opening comment makes sense. Some of you will never forgive me for it, some will. We'll see. Anyway, i'll let you do the reading, and feel free to slag me off in the comments on here if you want.

This is me. On the excellent @thefootyblognet, explaining why I support Barnsley.

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