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Roker Rhymes: A Week On Roker Report

Roker Rhymes Header
Roker Rhymes Header

It's one of those quiet weeks for Roker Rhymes where there was no game at the weekend to talk about. But, rather than leaving you all with no poetry to see you through yet another tough Monday afternoon, I thought I'd just have a witter about everything and nothing, all at once. *That sounds like a song, does it not?*

So, off we go. A few rhyming couplets to brighten your day. Hopefully.

We don't enjoy these weeks on Roker Report, when the lads don't have a game,
And instead we are left for a fortnight, to moan and find home for blame.
Our tough time shows no sign of ending, our struggles still go on,
And we're left to have a whinge about, everything that is wrong.

But join us on our site, as we pick apart the week ahead,
And let your Sunderland AFC desires, from Roker Report be fed.
We start each week on Monday, with another Roker Rhyme,
My personal little ditty, in the world of poetry, it's a crime.

Then also on a Monday, Chris Weatherspoon walks the walk,
And breaks down our latest performance, with his tactics talk.
And I know I've skimmed the title, but my word I had a difficult time,
To include the words Talking Tactics, in this week's Roker Rhyme.

David Boyle arrives on a Tuesday, bring us his latest top ten,
All the best in players, incidents and games, lists of our best men.
And it's the day of the Roker Ramble, life outside of SAFC,
Anything that pops into the mind, of Simon, Chris, The Captain, Dave and me.

Now speaking of The Captain, Wednesday is his place,
And his weekly Captain's Blog, is really rather ace.
I hope that you find time to read it, each and every week,
For if it's top notch Sunderland opinion you want, it's his blog that you should seek.

Thursday is the day for our podcast release, hope we'll be doing it for years,
All of our best SAFC chat, directly in your ears.
Then Dave's back with Cult Heroes, football legends from our past,
Those that have played for SAFC and our opponents, a cracking nostalgic blast.

Friday is when the boss man takes over, Simon rides in to town,
On his steed that's called Fan Focus, to bring the opposite of a frown.
As he talks to the great and the good, supporters of teams up and down the land,
And our anticipation of the weekend's game, is beginning to be fanned.

By now it's time for the preview, as we look over everything that's to come,
With our thoughts on the team and players, and money - we try to win some.
We also throw it open to you lot, as that matchday feeling grows strong,
And ask you to suggest something for us, your feelings through a song.

Then of course we have a match report, quite depressing most the time,
And just another chance for the lot of us, to have yet another whine.
Before The Week That Was rolls in, bringing you the best stuff from our site,
And other cracking stuff from the interweb, all that's good, and shiny and bright.

Of course we've plenty of other excellent stuff on offer, during each and every week,
And we try to keep things positive, even though things are often bleak.
We even step out of the computer, discuss our club's footballing crimes,
In our very own weekly column, for the excellent Durham Times.

So come along and join us, enjoy everything that we write,
In the name of Sunderland AFC, for our very own Roker Report site.
We'd love to have you with us, there's plenty for you to see,
And maybe one day you'll get a t-shirt, saying 'I'm a Roker Reportee'.

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