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Roker Rhymes #2

Roker Report's Poet Laureate, Mr Dan Williams takes us through another weekend at Sunderland AFC, in his own unique style. Check out his latest Roker Rhyme...

Another week, another loss
But of course no pressure, on the boss.
But we’re struggling, in the sixth place race,
Thanks to Tottenham Hotspur, and ol’ Saggy Face.

But first things first, for in the week
Fabio Capello, chose to speak,
About the ‘extremely important’, man up front
And we are well within our rights, to have a grunt.

What change has there been, to the greedy get,
He’s always known how to hit the net?
But all of a sudden, Capello’s giving it mouth,
Just because Darren, has moved house South.

So balls to England, you won, woohoo,
We’ll stick with Ghana, and see how they do.
Our Sulley Muntari, from Inter he’s sent,
So f**k you Capello, and Darren, get Bent.

I digress though, that’s enough of England chats,
We’re here for our team, the mighty Black Cats.
And time for Harry’s Spurs, to come to town,
Could we turn around, the Stoke City frown?

Our man Asamoah, that boy sure can shoot,
As Monsieur Gallas, wanted to change boot.
But no arguments from us, there was hope of sixth yet,
As Mr Gyan’s shot, hit the back of the net.

Now when Mr Bruce, was plying his trade,
He was the best in the business, he put all in his shade.
Could leap like a salmon, with a bonce made of lead,
And every incoming corner, was met by his head.

So that being the case, how frustrated we are,
To concede to from a set piece, we need to raise the bar.
Dawson went flying, with his head he did smash,
But again we have questions, about our keeper Flash.

Ok, yes we know, the ref was again gash,
We need better officials, to look after our clash.
But a goal seemed to be coming, back to the Sunderland of old,
Although give credit to Kranjcar, my word, what a goal.

Lets get it together, get our heads in the game,
Proud to pull on the jersey, in the Sunderland name.
Onwards and upwards, and forward we stroll,
Lets pick up some victories, and get on a roll.

And you can look forward to another fantastic weekly round-up every week, right here on Roker Report.

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