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New In The Roker Report Shop!

So by now you're probably well aware of the Roker Report Shop. We'll be putting up little articles like this every now and then to show you what's new on the shop.

There's been a couple of new additions in the last few days, so why not check them out! First up...

Whilst the Chelsea match might have been a while back, we still haven't forgotten Bolo's brilliant moves. Lets face it, he's much better than Gyan when it comes to busting a move or two! Join Bolo's Dance Academy by getting this stylish tee. Available for Men & Women, in a funky retro style tee.

CLICK HERE to have a proper look, and buy!


And secondly, we pay tribute to Craig Gordon...

"In GORD We Trust"... We do indeed trust the Scottish Stopper. He's been magnificent for SAFC, and thoroughly deserves a tee. This beatern/worn looking t-shirt is available in a Mens Slim-Fit, and looks rather fetching in Black I think, but you can choose whatever colour you want on our shop!

CLICK HERE to buy, and view!

You can visit the shop any time to see all our other designs. There's hoodies as well as t-shirts, which have proved very popular indeed! We can create any of our designs on most things, ranging from childrens clothing all the way to clothing for your dog! So if you ever want to see one of our designs on another item, just let us know and we can get a price for you!

Thanks for stopping by, and visiting our shop!

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